Cricket on CNB for Nimiq1 at 91W & nimiq4 at 82W


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Username: Kumarfm

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Hi..i'm using Dish 500 plus and nfusion solaris..

recently set up 110 119 118

i was wondering if I can get Bev 82 or 91 using Dish 500 plus in NJ. Basically, to get these Satellites for CBN (Channel) for Cricket. I know CBN is on these angels but I am wondering if CBN channel is still visiblie right now (because of Nagravision 3 encryption) ??

i need to know this before switching from 110 119 to 82 or 91. as i wouldnt want to set 82 or 91 if CBN is not visible at the moment.

if you have any info regarding or suggestion, please let me know.
thanks in advance for your help.

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yep its up it is at 82 west cbn,
along with other south asian channels that are up on 82 west..

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Username: Kumarfm

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any advice to follow on skew and elevation...

also from which site i can determine this measurments to be more accurate..

what antena setting..

anything u can provide will be helpful


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Username: Saqeeb9000

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Same anteena setting 11250
for elevation,

i am not sure weather there but here it is dam cold..

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i m also trying to catch the bird 82 i have spend the whole 2 days but i am unable to catch it, i can catch 92 but i cannot catch 82, i tryed a lot but notthing, i can catch 92 and amc 72, but no 82 and i know 82 is in the middle on 92 and 72 but i cant catch it, i am usin vewtat extrim, and a biggggg hughes net dish, plese help sombody to my lnb is single i dont really know what type its is, on the setting menu my setting was nimq 2 lnb universal no disque.

tryed a lot but cant catch teh dam 82,

please help, thanks .

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Username: Kumarfm

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weather getting bit better starting last wkd.. trying to set this nimiq4 so that i can watch ind vs nz odi#4 tomorrow...

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Username: Humdum

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any luck?

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how come cbn is up on 82...
as bev is on N3 and there is no solution for it as yet...
apart from NFU or CONax...
nothing for regular stb's like views/ pans etc
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