Wat is nagra3


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are the paki channels really gone to nagra 3 and what is nagra 3 plz help thanxsi got SV 4000 and geonws and other paki channels not working

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It started on Jan 24th
Few international channels at a time
after D#N swaped cards as of Oct 1st 20008
More will drop out every few days
The aribian channels are next

The old subscription card was nagra 2
The new security card is nagra 3
No hack for it at this time
Yor FTA receiver has a hack in nagra2
But now they switched security cards to nagra3

This means the end of PTA is very near
Everything will turn cold
according to scripture

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Vision I had of Television
When it was Nagravision ...1
Then one day clouds obscured it in summer Season.

I waited and waited for Vision,
Two months later, I saw the Reason
'cause it was Nagravision...2

There was Vision
for two year I watched Television,
In spite of Nagravision ...2

Now clouds are forming over many channels, obsuring my Vision of Television,
King tells me the Reason...
It is Nagravision ....3

So it is all about Vision, Television and Nagaravision,
because BEV and DN have a Reason
and thus they intruduced Nagravision...3

Or some call it nagra...3

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Thanks people i get it now
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