Cw 600 premium...I don't know whats wrong with it


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I was using puff receiver since last 3 months and now a friend of mine gave me cw 600 premium. When I hooked it up it says "boot" on the display. SOme one told me that hold the power button from the front and swich it on from the back and load the latest file, which I did. Now I don't get the "boo" sign anymore

Now the problem is that when I scan Echo 3 (on LNB 1- as I had it with my puff) and Echo 7 (on LNB 2- as I had it with my puff). I get only 4-5 channels.

Could someone tell me why I m not getting all? DO I have to Jtag it, if yes, how...Pls explain me....thanks

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It seems noone wants to try to help me out.....

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if u dont get the boot the hell does ur receiver boot and ur able to scan anything? must list ur dish/lnb/diseqc switch (if any) and antenna options to get any sorta help

when u load a bin on the cw...the front display must display --:--

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Hey FM, glad you got it to boot. Sounds to me like it could be a dish or switch issue? But you say your previous sat receiver had no problem, so that may not be the issue.

You could try factory reset and start over with new bin again, that is always a good thing, even putting on a factory bin first.

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FM, .....all the help you need is here
C/P Thanks to: Doreen & RTAP

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Do a blind scan on each satellite with color button on remote, when the display ask for delete all channels you select "yes".

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And also you need to enable the patch to see picture after scanning.


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pluto hammond has the right answer. It is a peculiarity of CaptiveWorks and recently I was facing the same issue using a CaptiveWorks 800s.

Here is the URL to full how-to file with pictures for CS600P. You will need a PDF reader, free from Acrobat, you don't have one. It explains how to do a "Patch Enable"
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