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HI everyone!!!
I have a superdish with the repoint kit installed by dishnetwork installer pointed to 119/118.7/110. I would like to remove the big bulky lnb by dishnetwork and replace it with one single lnb that would get me 118.7/119 at the same time. My question is that is there a lnb that would Fit instead of that bulky lnb (the left on in the pictur)in the dish holder/bracket.

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MECHANICAL CONSIDERATIONS: CB2008A cannot directly replace the 119 LNB on the Superdish. Superdish lnb for 119 has a special bracket. If you are good mechanically ,you could probably figure a way to mount it on the Superdish; - it is not impossible. Iit requires a rectangular mount similar to those of DTV. The mount for Dish LNB have one side that is semicircular.
If you have a Superdish the best bet it to get the Superdish type1 toDish 500+ repoint kit part#148328.

Also remember that the LNB you have installed has two outputs - one for 118 and one for 119. The CB2008A and the equivalent Digiwave DGL1189s have two outputs as well but each output is good for both 118 and 119.

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Hi Nalin using the same LNB how can I feed two receivers? Is there any 4x2 Cheeta switch or equivalent in the market?

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For the Dishpro LNB for 118/119, you will need ot use a DP 44.
For Digiwave DGL1189s and CB2008A, which are already having outputs for two receivers, you can directly attach each output to a receiver or feed through two separate DiseqC switches to two receivers if you have another sat or two to go to your two receivers.

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Hi Nalin:

Could you please show me the pictures of LNB for 118/119, and Digiwave DGL1189s and CB2008A so that I can get a better idea.

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DGL1189s: nbf-p-877.html

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