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I reloaded the nwe puff V201, I did exactly what Nalin instructed but I am not getting any signal, did blindscan, no signal, pls help

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The current instruction is to wait till it says P after burning the latest file. Sometimes you might turn of the receiver too soon.
Then after turning it on you have to rescan.

See if you can load a previous BIN and then do the PUFF_201 as instructed.

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if you loaded the lothario puff bin you will have to go back to 199 and get a different one
there are alot of people reporting the same issues with the lothario puff file

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The Lothario PUFF_201 BIN is working for me, 119 & 110 are working
Just don't use the EchoStar Package select all instead and don't turn it OFF.

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I loaded the Ukr_Jwh-Team Puff 201 again, as soon as the "P" came on, i switched it off from the back, then i hooked it up to tv, did a blind scan, no programs showing, I dont know what the problem is, can anyone help pls?

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I really do not have any more suggestions.
You could install the PUFF_299, and then reinstall PUFF_201 as instructed.
I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow, we have new PUFF BINs. This is too much suffering by all.

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I have not yet released the new binmod nor the stand alone bin. I haven't had time to update the bin mod code yet and I still want to test the new bin on my HW longer before I release it, just incase there are any problems. Ukronic and Jvvh have expressed concern that the bins released by people (not me) so far may kill boxes. My bin is for sure different then those but I still want to be on the safe side. If something goes wrong and I kill my box, no big deal I can fix it in about 2 minutes but most people cannot do that as easy or at all so I want to be very sure that my mods and bin are 100% safe before I release it to the public.
posted 17 min. ago

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Tronic has released his PUFF installation file (similar to jvvh files) and says it is rollfix.
He has not yet released his bin mode code for direct installation.

[link removed]

Message from Tronic
Tronics PUFF FEMU bin (Rolling PUFF fix)
"Ok I guess I will release my full Emu PUFF convert bin. It has been running flawlessly on my FLU
for about 8 hours.


I think it is ok, like I said it has had about 8 full hours of testing here but this full emu bin is a new animal and I don't want to be responsible if anything unexpected happens.



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