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Here is what i did
I hook on TV with old bin 299 and go into factory reset
After that i installed new bin
don't get thee reboot receiver after load,when first P come on shut of the receiver bring to the TV go to installation dish setup and after that blind scan and everything work well.
I am watching now DN.

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Thanks Deki

That was awesome

Others please do Factory reset before loading new bin.

Do dish set up and do Blind scanning and Enjoy


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is this the bin for the 2700A

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What is the significance of this bin ?
how is it different from the other PUFFs.
Is it treated like a new PUFF or boot bin ?

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sparky41701: PUFF is NOT the bIN for genuine 2700A. Go to future-fta.info for the right BIN for your Pansat 2700A.

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"What is the significance of this bin ?"
This is a full EMU BIN. Theoretically the updates will be easier and therefore faster after an ECM. They released it on 3500 about 3-4 weeks ago first and now on the 2700.
The PUFF version are conversions from the original 2700 version.

"how is it different from the other PUFFs."
The memory locations would have changed and you will get problems with this BIN because it is a new release. Thinks should settle down after the next two releases.

"Is it treated like a new PUFF or boot bin ?" It is to be treated like a new PUFF BIN.

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You can get Pansat original files at www.caritech.netfirms. com

Pansat 2700A

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where is the file in discussion??/

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Not my work. Credit goes to user Craz:

Ok.. its getting really confusing for some of the members here, and I am amazed how most do not truely search before posting.. sooo.. with this said.. read over this post first before posting about the PUFF EMU. It may have your answer here...

1) Issue: Rolling PUFF - In redneck terms.. this means PUFF just keeps scrolling across the screen.. over and over again. RESOLUTION: Fire up your loader, and reload the EMU PUFF file of your desire. DO NOT DO anything to the receiver, and just click WRITE BIN. Now.. PAY ATTENTION -- If your sat receiver is NOT connected to your TV, then wait for the bin to complete writing. This means, when you see a pop up that says WRITE COMPLETE, and your computer goes "BONG", then reach behind your receiver and hit the power switch to OFF. Now take the receiver to your TV and connect it up the way you would if you really wanted to watch some po*rn. Once connected, turn your receiver on. The rolling PUFF should not happen, and the box should go to ON. If you turn the box back off again, guess what... its going to ROLL PUFF again. Get the idea yet ?

Now.. this part is not for those that had to reconnect everything, but in fact have their lappy connected to their receiver while their receiver is connected to their TV and sat drop. Its easy... just load the bin as you would any other bin. NO NEED to shut off the box at all.. just load it and leave the box alone. Again, once the write is complete, you CAN NOT hit the power switch in the back of the box. It will start rolling again.

Now.. to answer the question about turning off the box using the remote. YES.. you can do this and all is well.

2) Issue: NO SIGNAL AFTER LOADING THE PUFF EMU - Ok. Ask yourself one question. Which file did you use? I tested this theory also. The UKR bin (without SW21) will give you a NO SIGNAL issue. The RESOLUTION: load Fwank's file or load the UKR bin for SW21. Seems to work, do not know why with the UKR, maybe file name issue is incorrect or what not.. no clue, but it works.

3) Issue: After LOAD, CHANNELS DO NOT DISPLAY or DOES NOT A/R - Redneck form again... You loaded the bin file, but when the channel trys to come up, all you see is the channel info, that keeps coming in and out. You do not get scrambled channel, or anything. Just the channel information. RESOLUTION: Also tested on my end: Do a factory reset using your remote, reload the bin file again using ISSUE #1 as your guide, reset sat settings, conduct a blind scan, and vualaa.. all should be working again.

I will update this post as I see more questions coming up.

But please all.. first search and read ALL posts about this issue. All your answers are here, and I personally have read all, and even tested all... even though mine is working fine. Take your time and read over each sentence thoroughly. Read it, perform it in your head, then actually read it again while you actually do the changes you wish to do. Weird thing is, its not much different than loading a new bin as normal. Everyone has just been skipping over a few steps that should be done EVERY time you load a new bin. Fwank has said it time and time again, he does a factory reset EVERY time he tests a new bin. No shortcuts on this one.
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