New they would ECM before fight


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dish down 4 pn Central

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i told all of you in previous posts that this was gonna happen...

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Yup, I knew it too. Hope the las full EMU fix gets it back and working before the fight. If not, I'm off to the bar.

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Registered: Sep-07 the fight , just give me back the other channels

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Rat bas-tards!

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DN has an ECM in progress since 5PM EST...All receivers using DN channels are down, except Nfusion on IKS...No older files reported to work....NEW FILES ARE NEEDED, NOT KEYS! .....Be patient and wait for new files from ..files usually takes a few hours so don't expect anything until at least 10 PM EST or later as a guesstimate...GC is still up , except for their Nagra 3 channels...Bev is dead too except on Nfusion IKS...The fight is stream live on

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Hi Justforhaha's,
I sure would have liked to be one of the ones that thought of, another day maybe Rather not explain the rest,
I'm sure you understand yet still a Awesome idea $
I would have least set up to cover part of ones pc screen.
Thanks for info though

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I have the fight channel in sopcast p2p.

here's the schedule: st-7th-dec.html
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