FREEtver need your help with 2700 capacitors


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Plymouth is telling me in another post to replace the capacitors on my original Pansat 2700A with capacitors (470mfd)50 volts, and you told me of other numbered capacitors,so which ones are right,need help, and can you tell me the process to replacng them.thanks in advance.

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I,m no plymouth but these may be what your looking for, the striped minus side toward the two white dots on the board.

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the two lighter blues on the left and right

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If yo haven't done any soldering great chance yo may damage the PC board
I would try to find a friend who can do soldering
This the best place on earth to buy electronics parts:

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C/P from COORSLIGHTLY @ abadss forums

How to change Capacitors on pansat 2700
If your Pansat 2700 is having these issues and your racked your brain out trying to figure it out this is how to fix it.
you will have 99% Level & 0 Quality.
the problem is 2 capacitors that are blown. C-13 & C-14. on smaller gold circuit board that connects to power supply.

Remove your cover from your receiver.
2 screws on side
1 small screw on back

cover is removed , now you have access to the circuit boards,
1 Main green one
1 smaller gold one. this is the one to look at .
C-13 & C-14 capacitors. 460uf16V.
if there swollen they are blown and have to be replaced. take a look at all the others how they are flat on top. i picked them up at a electronics store for 2 bucks a piece .

take the 2 screws out of the gold circuit board
get needle nose pliers and press in the retaining clips opposite the screws that is holding the board in. then carefully lift it out.

now you have access underneath, you need a soldering gun for now .
now heat up the leads and pull out the capacitors, mark down on a piece of paper in case you forget how you pulled them out the negative lead the white stripe on side of capacitor & the positive lead, so when you put them in you put them in the same way you took them out . make sure your pulling out the right capacitors. before you start heating them up.
do one then the other .
once you have this done . installing the new ones is a cinch.
you will require small wire solder and paste.

before you put the new capacitors in make sure the negative lead is in properly, there is a white stripe or a minus sign.
now push your new capacitors in the C-13 & C14 spots in the board where you removed the old ones.
you might need a helper as another set of hands is always nice for this part.
have them hold the capacitor tight against the board so you can solder underneath . dip your solder in the paste and come close to the wire underneath protuding to the board and it will melt like butter.
if u cant pull out the capacitor its soldered good. this takes a few seconds . then when its done. take some nippers or tiny sidecutters and clip the extra wire off . then put the gold circuit board back in carefully . press it down on the retaining clips , then re-install the 2 screws. put back the cover on and your done.
now you will have level & quality again!

I took a few pics to show you , there not very clear but its the best i could do with this camera. hope this helps you guys. it worked for me.

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the problem is definateley the c-13 and c-14 locations.... the ratings of the capacitors are on the capacitors themselves, so you really only have to look at them when you remove them. Before you remove them, remember to note the positive and negative side of the capacitor. Sorry for the long wait in the reply.

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Don't forget to buy your capacitors with higher voltage as 25, 35 or 50 volts.
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