Compare n3 with dtv's or system


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I'm not sure if we really can compare n3 with other provider's encryption sysyem. dtv and SC haven't hacked yet. I wonder if n3 has same level of secured encryption system.

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only time will tell.

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Encryption is a logic requirement
Works like a conditional password generator if a specific condition is met
The logic operation is very different from one provider to another
But narrowed by specific parameters

SC which uses DC-II and DTV uses V-guard are actually older hardware making FTA receivers relatively incompatible decoders and tuners

Breach in security against Nagra was because it didn't require additional hardware 100% compatible MPEG-2 decoders all yo have to do is flash operating system with a spoof conditional access

Pirates always look for easiest backdoor
I personally don't think DTV has any better encryption than D#N by any means
In fact I think DTV is much easier to breach than current Nagra-2 if yor able to work around their old encoding schemes
DTV uses something called QPSK non-MPEG
QPSK outdates MPEG standards
FTA receiver makers have to reproduce different decoder receivers
Such an old technology only DTV have to authorize making since it was never standardized

The only way to get around it
Is to come up with an external demodulator
When that happens yo'll see how wide open SC and DTV

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King Tapeman........ well explained. Thank you

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Devin wat happened to 82, 91 on 36 inch dish. You never reported.

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Liger, I did post the info under title "nalin Nyda" cuz he asked for the info. Seems like you must have missed that post.
Anyway, Liger I never had problem with 91 not even today. Not getting channels from it today is a separate issue(N3)Lets me explain about 82. I was fine until nimiq 4 came into the picture. I used to get signal with 18" dish. Nimiq4 spoiled every thing. Yes! very patienly I did try 36" dish but not much success. Matterfact I did find the signal from tp#12239 but it was very very low and there was no quality. 36" dish doesn't do any good for me. I live in apartment, don't have big balcony otherwise I certainly would have tried even bigger dish.

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Thanks for the info neighbor. I'll try a bigger dish than 36 if I find one. BTW, did you just put the dish 500 yoke on a 36 dish and tried to locate 82 or you did something else.

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Thanks for your reply Devin

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Plymouth, liger, You guys are most welcome. I will be back on this issue if I do make any progress.

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Have any of the coders tried a decombobulator on DTV? Just wondering

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