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OK, every time I think I finally made my mind up on a HDTV, something pops up to screw up my decision.

What do you think? My choices are (as of today) the Samsung HLN617W, Philips 55PL9773/S, and the new contender - Hitachi 60V500. What would you pick and why?

I have seen the Samsung and it is nice. I have tried to find the Philips but noboby carries it in Pittsburgh. I will go on the warpath tomorrow to check if anyone has the Hitachi. Also, if you have any other choices, feel free to post them.

I don't care much for CRT RP but I have seen some great pictures on them.

BTW, Pittsburgh is the pits when it comes to high-end equipment.

I presently have a 6 month old Sony KP-46WT500 and now due to our remolding project it is too deep to fit where it must go. So I started shopping all over again and have decided on the Samsung HLN437W. Incredible picture, brighter then my Sony and I really think has a better picture then the Plasmas. Yes better, I looked at all the plasmas at CC, BB & Sears and they look great but it always looks to me like I'm looking through a window screen. The Samsung has a very sharpe clean picture... My vote is for the Samsung!!

John Greer
You'll have to post a 20% deposit at Tweeter to see a Philips 55PL977S (or be in the store when another "depositer" is checking out a set before taking it home.) I did see a 50V500 at Sears(showing HDTV) and was pleasantly surprised. It looked better than the Panasonic or Sony LCD Rear Projectors I've seen in the stores--admittedly a non-scientific comparison. Black looked black to me, not gray. I'm waiting on my 55PL977S to show up at Tweeter, hoping to see a "smooth" image like I've seen on the small Samsung LCD HDTV flat panels, rather than the LCD screendoor or the DLP ragged-edge (for lack of a better term) image.

ricky d
the sorce is not all ways the truth. i have a samsong dlp .iv been looking and studding for 6 m and if the wrong sorce is viewed the dlp will look avg. but direct hd and a good tuner good av hd tuner is a sony hd200 pay for hd on direct dish .10.oo a mo and this tv will kick as. go av forem the vote there was 65% dpl samsong.the tv shops like best buy all have not pluged in to dish yeat.if you aske some one in the know they will let you know samsong is buy far the kick a pictuer.
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