Unable to record from tv or copy from VHS to dvd


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I am using brand new blank sony DVD+RW to record program of basic TV channles to DVD on Daewoo DVRS04 DVD Recorder / VCR Combo machine. When I press record button and it shows " preparing DVD for recording please wait" and then it starts recording, record button on the machine goes red, after some time if I stop and want to see if the program has recorded , the disc shows empty. It does not give me menu option for Making compatible , or selecting title.
I can record the tv program to vcr fine.

I am unable to even copy from VHS to DVD.

Please tell me if I am doing anything wrong

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Be sure the owner's manual doesn't require the disk to be finalized before reviewing which may take a few minutes.

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thanks for the reply, owner's manual does require the dvd+rw disc to be "make compatible" and dvd+r disc to be finalized.
So i never got a disc menu option after recording or copying to finalize or "make compatible"

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I have a Panasonic DMR-EH57 DVD Recorder hooked up via HDMI cable (1.5m) through a Sony Tuner to my Panasonic Viera Flat Screen TV. My problem is I need to know how to tune the TV to the HDMI3 slot on the TV so i can record tv channels. The DVD Discs play fine complete with Surround Sound.

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The discs don't need to be finalized to play in the recorder. Are you sure you've got the incoming signal, antenna/cable, etc., hooked up correctly? Can you see what you're trying to record when the TV is on the DVD input?

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Username: Mksyed

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Yes antenna is connected to the dvd/vcr combo correctly as I am able to record tv program on the vcr of the dvd recorder/vcr combo.
When I record the tv program on dvd i can see the program running on the tv.
I am not clear on what do you mean by dvd input, if it means the display on dvd recorder should show the channel number of tv which I am trying to record, if yes, I do see the channel number on the display too.

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Was the disc formatted? Is the recorder a + recorder? Some recorders do + and - discs both, some only do one or the other. What speed is the RW disc and is it compatible with the recorder? Some recorders are only compatible with certain speed RW discs. If it's not a disc problem, the recorder is probably defective. Have you tried an R disc? When you look at the disc, has it recorded on it? If it has you will be able to see it.

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yes as soon as i hit record or copy button i see the messages saying "disc preparing for record please wait" , I assume this means it is formatting.
According to the manual it supports DVD+R and DVD+RW disc. About DVD Recording it says Discs recorded at high speeds (equal to or greater than 2X) may not be recognized. I assume this is for pre-recorded dvds.
I have tried recording at both HQ (High Quality - 1 hr/disc)and with SLP (Super Long Play - 6 hrs/disc)but same result.

I have tried DVD+RW (sony, memorex)which supports both speed and DVD+R of aptivia
with no luck

Can you tell me what/how to look on disc to check it has recorded.

snipet from manual
Recording formats DVD Video Recording, DVD-VIDEO
Recordable discs DVD+R, DVD+RW
Recordable time DVD ; Approx. 1 hour (HQ mode), 2 hours (SP mode), 4 hours (EP mode),
6 hours (SLP mode)
VCR ; SP: 2 hours (T-120), SLP: 6 hours (T-120)/8 hours (T-160)
Video recording format
Sampling frequency 27MHz
Compression format MPEG 2
Audio recording format
Sampling frequency 48kHz
Compression format MPEG1 Layer2
VCR Specifications
Head system 4 Head Video, 2 Head Hi-Fi helical scan azimuth system
Timer 12-hour display type with AM, PM
Tape speed SP: 33.35 mm/sec, SLP: 16.67 mm/sec, EP: 11.12 mm/sec
Tape width 12.7 mm
Rewind time less than 2 minutes (T-120)
Antenna 75 ohms (VHF/UHF)
VHF output signal Channel 3 or 4 (Switchable)
Channel coverage VHF: 2-13, UHF: 14-69, CATV: 1-125 (4A, A-W, W+1 - W+84, A-5 - A-1)
Frequency range 20Hz to 20kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio 43 dB
Dynamic range 75 dB
Channel separation 45 dB
DVD Specifications
Laser system Semiconductor laser, wavelength 650 nm
Frequency response DVD (PCM 48 kHz): 8 Hz to 22 kHz, CD: 8 Hz to 20 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio More than 95 dB
Harmonic distortion Less than 0.008%
Dynamic range More than 90 dB

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The disc speed is for recordable discs and means the RW disc can't be over a 2x disc, which isn't too easy to find these days. There should be a format disc option somewehere in the menus. It may automatically format the disc, you'd have to check the manual on that one. I've never heard of Aptivia so that could be a problem too. Some recorders don't like R discs over 8x and don't work with cheap discs.

If you look at the record side of the disc and don't see it's been burned, it hasn't recorded anything. You'll be able to see if it has been burned.

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You know what, the first Toshiba DVD recorder I purchased did the same exact thing now that I think about it. It drove me crazy! It couldn't get past the Please wait while the disc prepares for recording screen.

Eventually, I got fed up with it and took it back. Turned out I had a defective unit. I purchased the same unit and everything has worked fine since. Yelp, still used the same disks leftover from the time I hard the first unit.

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i guess i need to do the same, but their customer servics is really bad, i called so many times but it keeps sending me in a circle and on email i never got a response... I think i should get out of this crap :-)

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If I were to take a guess i'd say it's defective too. Daewoo is a lousy company to start with.

There are no good DVD recorders left in the U.S. When manufacterers were forced to put ATSC tuners or no tuners at all in the recorders, all the decent companies just stopped making recorders for the U.S. market. What's left is crap.

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hello, I need help with a sony dvd burner When I try to burn a movie from tv it says copyright protected can't burn, what do i do to be able to burn movies..thanks email me please so I will get the answer, i am unfamiler with how to use message board..thanks for all your help

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i have comast and when i try to record it says its being recorded but i dont no how to get to the recordings when its done wat do i do?????????
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