Nalin / plymouth freq for 118.8?


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nalin what is the freq we need to use for 118.8?
lnb type? i think u said universal ?
is it?
can u pls reply me back

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Using a 30-inch or larger dish (we recommend 33-inch), aim with the following settings:

Satellite Name: 118°W (Anik F3) or 119°W (Echo7)

LNB Type: Standard (or Single)

LO Frequency: 10750 or 10600 MHz

Finally, do an AUTO SCAN or a BLIND SCAN

For some the following settings may work better or give you more channels:
LNB Type: Universal

If your missing any channels, manually scan them. You can refer to www.lyngsat com / www.lyngsat com/anikf3 html
LO Frequency: 9750 MHz

HI Frequency: 11250 MHz

Make sure Anik-F3 (118.7°) TP figure in your receiver menu is correct.


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thanks but standard gave me 0 quality signal so i tried the universal and i got better signals..
i thought star choice dish 36 inch dish was strong enough.. but what i figured out that their leg that goes to lnb is not straiht (not the same as dn using) i had to straight it up..
anyways i got the channel what i needed, i am still missing some channels but will try using lyngsat..

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Sada i can't help you on StarChoice dish and LNB, i know nothing on it, but if you are able to replaced it(LNB), you can try.

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Sada: The imparatives.
1. 30" Dish minimum for DN LNBs, and 33" Dish minimum size for non-DN LNBs
2. DN special LNB for 118/119 has two outlets - one each separately for 118 and 119.
3. There are several non-DN LNBs, CB2008A, Another one made by Digiwave, and at least two others. They all must specify that they are good for 118 and 119. The ones I know of, all have two outlets, one each for two receivers, so each outlet carries both 118 and 119.
4. Scanning for Each is slightly different, and you will have to experiment. For DN LNB, you set it up as DCS-DP. For others use universal, or circular or standard. One I scanned recently gave some 64 TPs on a setting of Universal and LNB freq of 9750-10600. The same LNB scanned some 22 TPs when set to Standard and 10750. I find that setting it too low (9750) causes unnecessary hassle with some LNBs.

General recommendation for non-DN LNBs is:
118.7 scan first
LNB type (Standard, Circular, Universal) Try.
LNB Freq 10750 (9750-10750)
First TP 11715(V) - matters only if you do all scan, does not matter if you do a Blind scan.

Then scan 119
LNB freq 11250
Type Standard
First TP 12224 or 12239

Some people recommend using the Echo 9 slate for a separate scan of 118.7 using the 118.7 settings discussed above, and a separate scan of 119 on Echo 7 slate. I prefer to recommend using Anik 1 slate instead of Echo 9 slate, simply because you may get the odd person wanting to use Echo 9 separately.
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