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I need your help
I have save the money and did little spec. reading on HD receivers.
I can't make my mind up which
receiver to buy.

The Coosat 8000 or the Sonicview 8000?

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i will recommend sonicview 8000 hd..

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Support from Sonicview has been consistently better than for C00LSAT.

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As much as I don't recommend any HD receivers at present time

Best of electronics specs Quality and Support
Is Sonicview SV8000 HD $370
I dont't think it worth that much cuz they are still inferior devices
But if yo got the money and still craving for one SV8000 HD should be yor top choice

However best SD receiver Quality and Support in my opinion:
Sonicview SV-360 Elite for $170
Has dual tuner and PVR
It just came out and maybe best SD for the money
Video Quality not far away from any HD FTA receiver since all HD recivers suck anyway and require aditional $200 hardware for 1080i making them 720p at best
Yo pay $650 to $700 for what?
Where as $170 can do the job

PVR is great to record
Attach an external Hard Drive
So whenever there is an ECM yo got something to watch
500 GB Hard Drive for about $100
Just about 300 hours of recording time
Will always give yo something to watch at reasonable quality and price

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Wonder where KT shops? An 8k board can be purchased from ebay $120 including shipping. Depend on where you live, you can get a SV8000 + 8k board for $450 out the door. It is up to you if you want to spend $450 to move up to HD.
By the way, the SV 8000 can be recorded to an external HD too. The only diff is the SV-360 elite will allow you to watch a program from a TP that is different from the one you are recording on.

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$450 not bad for something worth $200
So if something happens to PTA this October
It will cost yo easy $150 per month for limited counted views

Trust me many modern SD receivers not much less in quality
Many TVs upscale just as good if set up right
Only 4:3 screen will be stretched to fit 16:9

Find me 5 out of 10 people happy with their HD over SD
I got HD cable
I only watch HD during big Sports matches

Yo are paying for decoded HD programs upscaled using crappy electronics
These inferior HD receivers are few years backward
Just enhanced to look a little better

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Don't pay any attention to King Tapeman he can't even afford to open his zipper before he takes a wizz

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KT, when was you last eye exam?

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I jus had a Physic Exam

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