INeed help in setting help Viewsat ultra on 118


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I just moved and new place have one Dish its called dish Plus with 3 LNB's on it pointing 110 , 118,119 now i use to watch international channels on 61.5 how will i configer my viewsat ultra 2000 to 118 to get those channel or do i need to put a new dish pointing 61.5.
I dotn see 118 anywhere on antenna setup
Please Help

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AMT. Wait till the new BINs are out. You will get them as before, without additional dishes or LNBs.
Somebody else or me, one of us will post all the instructions.

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Nalin I am still waitting for your instructions
I did set it up on echo 5 on 129 i am getting few channels like sony max and geo tv
but missing start1 and geo news , aag ( I do see them in the channel list but they keep searching or say no channel on reciver
Can you please help me

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118.7 and 119 use both 119

You cant use same dish for 110.0 119.0
and 61.5, buy another dish for 61.5

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[link removed]

118.7, Anik F3, Ecxostar 6...

There is understandably a lot of confusion about this satellite. So I'm going to try to summarize my experiences so far with it.

1. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Ecxostar commisioned a company to launch a satellite that would be located at 118W and would replace the leased satellite at 121W. This satellite was named "Ecxostar 6." But it broke, and is not usable.

2. Now, Dixnet has acquired access to a new satellite named "Anik F3." It works good. They have moved it into location at 118.75W where it is sharing virtually the same orbital space with good old 119W.

3. Since those two satellites share the same orbital space (they're within 2 degrees of each other) it is possible to receive both of them with one lnb, if you have the right lnb.

4. 119W uses a Circular transmitting lnb and operates in the frequency 11250. 118.75 uses a Circular transmitting lnb and operates in 10750 frequency that formerly was only used for Linear lnbs. That's why everybody thinks this is a linear satellite. It isn't. It's going round and round like it's roommate, 119W.

5. You can buy an lnb from eba or from a number of other on-line sources now that is capable of receiving both 119 and 118.75 at the same time. Here's a link to one such source so you can see what it looks like:
hxxp:// =CPHA78eqrY8CFQpJYQodVX-sPQ

6. You can also use one of the strange myoptic looking things from disxnet to get both of the satellites. Here's a link showing a D1000+ lnb to show you what it looks like:

7. Disxnet is actively replacing all their customer 121 superdish equipment with an lnb that'll get both satellites. Once they're done, they'll shut down 121W for good. Lots of the International channels are already gone from that satellite, so my guess is they'll achieve their goal earlier than the March 1, 2008 deadline.

8. Most of our receivers do not have a sat info for the 118.75 yet. I have put one in the file sections that works for Viewsats, but for the most part you'll need to create your own sat file entry until the mfg's get caught up. In some cases (such as the Conaxsat) you will find an entry for Anik F3's older brother, Anik F1R, and you can use that entry to scan Anik F3.

This satellite is a work in process both for us and for disxnet. Currently there are about 132 channels available on it. You may or may not be able to get an epg for now (depending on your receiver brand) but I suspect the mfg's will upgrade the bins to work better for this satellite soon.

If you have specific questions as to what you can do to scan it in on your particular receiver, let me know & I'll try to help.

See section 4 above and use the following additional info.

'Use LNB Freq. 10750 or less and 11715 (V) as the first TP for Anik 3 (118.7W)
'Use LNB Freq. 11250 and 12239 (H) as first TP for Echo 7 (119W)

See Lyngsat for first TP and other TPs.

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AMT; Also look at this info.

[link removed]
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