The Fake Kate And Why Its Done


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watch out for FAKE Kate look on the left side for member group the real kate me is a SLIVER member the other is a NEW member

hello, so many of you know by now that theres a large number of elites (forum mods forum owners) that are un-happy with me letting you the end user know that there is a dish law suit going on in which many of the top forums are named like hashhu rom10x totalfta ftaforall, because this dish network law suit list those websites would rater you not know of this. so they try to say everything and anything they can, i got 2 PMs from this site from forum owners 1 from ftadoc one from purefta both about the same comments saying they going to hurt or kill me if i did not remove it NO i am not kidding. then you also have the 100s of fake info they said about me they created fake post saying i was busted when i was not they lie to cover up the truth that proves it right there. they try to discredit me so people wont listen to me. people never listened to me they listened to the facts they downloaded the court papers and made up there mind for them selfs. i have got tons of hate mail lots of people post fake pictures to hurt me lots of people post fake info about me all to cover up and make people not know that there's a dish law suit.

the bottom line is i wont be stopping till the truth is out. i love a lot of the forums listed in the law suit but does not mean i will or would ever go back to sites listed in dish law suit. i am sorry to all the members of totalfta hashhu rom10x codedss and other sites that are listed in the law suit but look at the facts rom10x was shut down anyhow hashhu has been sued codedss shut down so people already have paid the price. i am here to make sure the listed forums are not listed in users post.

to the users that have sent me nice pms and nice post i thank you a lot it really helps me keep it up i know really you guys want to know the truth but so much higher ups that make that not happen.

because they are pushing harder with the lies i need to push more with the truth for the best of all fta. and i am sorry i have to keep posting about it and bug you users with the dish law suit info but i am trying to protect users and help people know so they can protect them selfs!!!!!

watch out for FAKE Kate look on the left side for member group the real kate me is a SLIVER member the other is a NEW member


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Username: Themangod

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so if some one post under kate make sure its the real one

i never bash users. this fake one is going around bashing other users sounds like LK/NN to me. just watch out be aware and dont worry i wont give up :-)

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I think most of the members here know who is the real one and who is not..don't worry about that.

Kate i think you are doing fine..keep up the good work..

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