NFusion Nova IKS users info and safe forums


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There has been some reported issues with the SUNS (IKS) servers. For some reason, which hasn't been explained yet, they were taken down and are being moved. The moving process is taking longer than was originally expected.

Charlie is still up because there is no ecm in the stream so the nfusion is receiving charlie with "emulation on" and "dish autoroll on". B3V has an ecm in the stream so you are unable to view B3V tv right now.

Your options:

* Go out and aim your dish so that you pick up 110 and 119.
* Pull out your backup box (you do have one or two of those lying around don't you?) and hook it up.
* Go and enjoy the great outdoors.

NFusion Nova IKS users info and safe forums
[link removed]
[link removed]
[link removed]

the nfusion is not dead it is just taking them longer then they thought.

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this is for nfusion nova users.

right now is a bad time because its been down for a while on bev but still a good unit.

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This message is for everybody, and particularly for Kate, so she stops spamming and stops badmouthing good sites.

Always go to "home site of your receiver" first. The sites in BOLD offer direct downloads without registration.

[link removed] - VIEWSATS and ?Sonicview
[link removed] - C00LSATS and Nfusion

[link removed] - CaptiveWorks.

[link removed] - Ariza and Pansat Conversions

[link removed] - Nfusion

Other reliable sites:
[link removed]

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sure there good sites but dish network is busting them.

you listed forums that dont even have the file the 1st 3 are 1 listed in dish law suit 2 DONT EVEN HAVE THE FILE!!!

your a jerk for posting links listed in dish law suit i wont ever stop till you stop posting busted sites.

Did you know dish network is suing totalfta ftadoc purefta and other sites get full court papers here

[link removed]
[link removed]
[link removed]

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Where the hell have you been? This has been going on for days and now they have it all back up and running.

Pull your head outta your @ss and stop pimping your sites.

Go back to SS and stay there.
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