Is Nfusion all that?


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Is it mostly because of IKS or are their coders better or do they emu sub box. Anyone know? Is there gonna be any other models introduced?

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it is down from time to time it does need updates. its good feature is IKS PVR

its a really great unit but its not "all that"

i think you will like it but dont think you buy it and it auto works there is a good amount of setup to get all the advanced features setup.

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i think its mostly due to iks , it goes down hardly+ i beleive dn doesn't figure out a way to block iks.
also coders are getting good paid b.c its getting popular box..and it was only good iks box until new model (neosat came) and now kbox is in, there will be more competition,
matchstick (top coder) for nfusion is doing fantastic job so far, although rumors are for new reciever i think that would be hd iks, they will continue to support this rec. last bin 1.46-2 has channels saving feautre, so still nfusion owners have lots of wishlist (check f2atv).so wait few weeks , check out how is kbox doing.. i think it wil take over on nfusion..
well more competions is comming ahead...

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k1 box heros is great,
very good picture and sound quality
good epg
very very easy to set up
a newbie could do it in less than 30 minutes including scanning channels
just got to wait for the new ecm to hit and see how iks hold up
will report on that

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Thanks! I guess all eyes are gonna be on how well kbox's support does.

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just got nfusion it's 10 mn set up and easy . but i diid not like some in the menu . like i wanna pass the pass word . i wanna cancel it like in the other boxs . in infusion could not figure it out. if u scan twice the same sat you end up with double channels. each time you start the box and u touch ok you get epg downloading .
and it;s missing lottttttttttttttt of tp's that has to be updated manually .
other than that it's just good unit for a back up.

sada u can say more u have it .

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to turn off parental control passwords for setup or channels you change the option in parental control uder the system or user menu. and in one of those options should be an option to turn epg to manual. i load the epg only once every day, because a few of the channels that i watch do not populate longer than that. but most will polpulate for 2 1/2 days. when i power off from remote it keeps the epg populated when turned back on, but when its turned off from the back switch it is needed to be reloaded.(the epg)

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cartier turn the epg to automatic, check under system setting, after leaving it to automatic, let say say u turn it off for night, when u turn back it on in the morning (eg) when u will hit ok button, it will automatically update epg, wait 1 or 2 min let it download,
sometimes u have to exit the fav, to make epg work,
u can also do it mannnualy, with mannually under system setting leave it to mannual so u won;t have to wait for epg to download every time u turn it off. with mannualy i always use wgn channel for bev and dn ..tune to that channel and hit epg button

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for channel saving , i am not sure u know this. with bin 1.46 u have the feauture to save channel list
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