Which VCR should I purchase? Please advise.



I'm aiming to purchase a second, low cost Hi-Fi VCR so that I might dub tapes from my current Panasonic model.

My choices are:

1. A basic SONY model, $85-100, at local BestBuy.

2. A basic Panasonic model, $85-100 at local BestBuy.

3. Philips SVHS, model VR960BPH, $100 from Features comparable to (1) and (2) -- HiFi Stereo, 19 micron heads, etc. I am very curious about the S-VHS feature, but would also like to have a solid VHS picture too... This has come with endorsements froma couple of online folks, but I'm squeamish about Philips because I haven't bought from them before. Should I be?

4. JVC SVHS, model HRS29U, $129 at local electronics store. Again, curious about SVHS. Features comparable to (1), (2), and (3). Never bought JVC either, so I don't know their rep.

I guess I essentially wish to know

(A) whether to bother with SVHS, and
(B) what kind of reputations Philips and JVC has.

Thanks for any thoughts you may have on this... I realize in this great land of ours it seems small potatoes -- but in my world 100 bucks is a big chunk of money. :)

John in NYC

Philips and JVC both make fine porducts. Since the largest price difference is only a $40 somthing dollars, go for SVHS. If it has S-video outputs, even better.

Problems with panasonic vhs tape. Picture appears only when fast forward. It appears sometimes in black and white and sometimes in color with white lines.

Do you know what the problem might be or who could help me.


Get the Panasonic PV-V4612S VHS

I'm also looking for a low cost, no frills hifi vcr, just so I could tape tv shows when I'm not around, and to watch old vacation videos, and to play disney tapes and wiggles videos for when my nephews come over.

At Walmart, there is the Emerson hifi vcr selling for about 58 bucks. Would you consider getting one of these cheap vcrs? What would I be missing if I didn't spend the additional 40 to 50 bucks on a "brand name" model?

When I'm concerned about quality picture and sound, I usually turn to my dvd player.

Anybody have an "Emerson" VCR, like from Walmart? Are you happy with it?

Will Marshall
Unregistered guest
Spend a little more, it will work out cheaper over time, and give more satisfactory preformance along the way,
esp as brand names are all so cheap now.

Stan J.
Unregistered guest
I had unplugged my Panasonic VHS AG-1210 for several months.Now Iam unable to set the clock to the present time.
What should I do?
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