LZMA puff to regular puff


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hi,i dont why i even changed it to lzma in the first place,where can i find the file and loader to convert back from LZMA to regular PUFF at? thanks

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Converting to PUFF_1.0.1 from any (B-75/Lzma/Old Puff)

The most common factor lately, seems to be the loaders that work for some and not for others... thats a matter of trial and error on your part. The ones I have listed have been tested and work for me, so if it works for you...use it. Or READ around they're easy to find.
If you keep a channel list...save it before proceeding as this following will WIPE CLEAN any and all settings you had.
Open UkRoNiCs BOX Updater .420. select -Ukr_PUFF1.0.1_ConvertBOX.bin- 1mb
OFF/On....on fisrt lights hit the write button...box will reboot into 'rolling PUFF'--this indicates 'waiting for PUFF bin'.
Using same loader..no need to OFF/ON the box at this point (but it wont kill it if you do),
select the Team-PUFF bin of choice up to the latest 262 (unless otherwise posted by us)
hit the write button when ready, box will again reboot, will pause of last 'F', and turn ON.
This brings up the language screen and the rest is up to you.

BTW* no need to set default keys--but couldnt hurt*

[link removed]

All the files are linked ..

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Great Post LK

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Its nice to see your finally agreeing with LK

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greg raf
It is nice to see U always agreeing with LK.


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Nalin Nyda is a LOSER
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