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MUCH respect for the coders and what they do for us.... fix in under 12 hrs, we may get spoiled... THANK YOU CODERS FOR YOUR HARD WORK!!!

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Username: Bernardmi

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Tested Viewsat Platinum fix and it is working fine.

Great job coders.


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thanks also

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Username: Plymouth

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Thanks very much coders for good works

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Coders are making us happy ... spoiled is right !!

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Poinciana, Fl Usa

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I am greatful also for the great work of the coders!!!

Do you really think coders visit ecoustics sat forum

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Username: Lklives

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If ya think, that the coders don't get paid, you're crazy!

Then U must also beleive that Viewsat, and Coo*lsat and all these other receivers (Conaxsat, Vortex, Homesat, Seesat, Cootec, Visionsat, Nfusion, Neosat, Neusat, etc were manufactured soley for True FTA...

c'mon, use your head!

I'm not taking anything away from the coders, but when I read STUPID a statement from nalin, stating they work for nothing or low pay, the STUPIDITY she has is amazing...and many newbies will actually believe this crap!...the coders have been doing a great job, BUT are well paid by the companies!

There are only a handful of people who modify some files for nothing, but those are NOT the true coders!

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LK, did you forget your medication today?

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Converting to PUFF_1.0.1 from any (B-75/Lzma/Old Puff)

The most common factor lately, seems to be the loaders that work for some and not for others... thats a matter of trial and error on your part. The ones I have listed have been tested and work for me, so if it works for you...use it. Or READ around they're easy to find.
If you keep a channel it before proceeding as this following will WIPE CLEAN any and all settings you had.

Open UkRoNiCs BOX Updater .420.

select -Ukr_PUFF1.0.1_ConvertBOX.bin

Using rear switch OFF/On....on first lights hit the write will reboot into 'rolling PUFF'--this indicates 'waiting for PUFF bin'.

Using same need to OFF/ON the box at this point (but it wont kill it if you do),select the Team-PUFF bin of choice up to the latest 262

hit the write button when ready, box will again reboot, will pause of last 'F', and turn ON.

This brings up the language screen and the rest is up to you. need to set default keys--but couldnt hurt*

[link removed]

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Sorry for the downtime on FTALIFE.

We will be working around the clock to get FTALIFE online again. Once back online it will have many more servers and will be able to have 20,000+ members online at the same time.


Members Once FTALIFE comes back online we will be having a huge giveaway!

(2) 46" Samsung 1080P HDTV's
(10) Sonicview 4000's
(5) Sonicview 360 Elite's
(2) Sonicview 8000 HD's
That's right everyone you heard correctly! Your going to be getting FREE HDTV's with the best receiver on the market now...

When we are back up use this link to register:

[link removed]

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All those who facilitate the generation of new bins are worth praising a lot. Of course they are paid but they also deserve respect from the bottam of our hearts. Great effort worth saluting , dear coders
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