Thanks to coolsa 5000 4000 6000


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what u think lots of people looking for new receiver that's why we get new bin pretty fast.

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CS has not yet released the bins for their high-end sets even. After that release then wait for 3-4 more days for 4/5/6k bin. Another 24 hrs .... it is time for a new bin. the vicious circle goes on.

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Maybe to come to accept the situation... or to pray for things to change "A few things you need know about the coo*lsat receivers: The CS 4000-6000 were designed and built by a company called hihtek. Freetech the US importer, branded these receivers Coo*lsat. But hightec and freetech had a falling out. Thus when the time came for new receivers, free tech went to someone else. The company that makes the Ariza extreme were the ones they went to for the 8000 and 8100. They went to the same company that produces the Captain receivers for the 7000.

The 4,5 and 6000 were made by a Korean company called Jinhightek Corp. If you google them and go to their website and hit english at the top, you'll see them listed. And on their website they are called Coo*lsats. Freetech or their affiliates did have a falling out and CS did go to a different manufacturer. The CS4000,5000 & 6000 are discontinued and Coo*lsat is no longer having STB's made at that factory. Somewhere near that factory in Korea are the coders writing software for those STB's. I don't know what the relationship is between the old factory and Coo*lsat, but I believe that the availability of this 3rd-party-software will not continue forever.

The new boxes, such as the CS6100,7100, 8100 are made at a different factory, with different components, different engineering, and with a different team of coders. These are current models, from a factory that still is doing business with Coo*lsat, so it is in their best interest to write 3rd-party-software.

The only way it keeps working is for the manufacturers to keep selling STB's. Hence, new models. And in this case, a new factory.

So when the day comes when the coders aren't being supported for the CS4000,5000, and 6000, the bins will be gone, and that'll be it....unless other coders like jvvh who, are working on modding the 6100 and other CS bins for the 5000 and 6000...chancysand is not into converting coo*lsat receivers or modding the newer 6100 fixs for the 6000 or older receivers..

The original Norw Group (coo*lsat coders), left about 1 year ago to Captain and Ariza, and left Coo*lsat with no coders, and a new inexperienced Norw Group since then....thats why U have seen a huge decline in Coo*lsat support..."Looks like support for these boxes are gone.

From what i have read there were two people at the norw release site that put bins out for these boxes,the boss and topcat.

Here is a c/p quote from topcat explaining why he did what he did....

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I heard this a while ago and some people thought that it was an April fools joke. But looks like it is the truth because I haven't seen any fixes for these receivers for more than 2 weeks now.

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Eric has screwed everyone that has or will do business with him and coolsAAT.
I posted a c/p about him, but there is much more. nobody likes or will do business with him .

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I have loaded the new fix for my cs5000 platinum. Has it been hit already or am I doing something wrong?? Plz help.

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The latest CS 4k, 5k and 6k BINs are version 172, available at:

[link removed]
[link removed]

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love c-----s
up and all good in chatham kent ontraio
thanks a lot
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