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I have an old 2500A which I have not used in awhile. I converted it to a 2700 and it worked then I basically stopped using it but now I am hearing it should be converted back to a 2500A and different files should be used on it (Puff) What is the procedure and where do I get the files. I did like the Pansat. I am somewhat familiar with FTA I do have a Viewsat.

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Jvvh-Team-PUFF Conversion made simple & 261 bins


If your box is still using original software such as Boot60 and/or 294t type bins and you want to convert your box to PUFF, you MUST fisrt load the b75_m 64k bootfile using UkRoNiCs BOX Updater.420. set to Boot and box ON completely (Straight-through cable) *Check your COM settings* hit the write will reboot (B-75 B-75) continue on by loading in the jvvh_208_1.bin, same loader, but turn box OFF/On from main power, and at fisrt display of lights on the front (or first 'b') *same COM settings* hit the write will again reboot (B-75 will stick on 5 for 30 seconds) then come ON.
Proceed to step #2

Converting to PUFF_1.0.1 from any (B-75/Lzma/Old Puff)*with the exception listed above*

The most common factor lately, seems to be the loaders that work for some and not for others... thats a matter of trial and error on your part. The ones I have listed have been tested and work for me, so if it works for you...use it. Or READ around they're easy to find.
If you keep a channel it before proceeding as this following will WIPE CLEAN any and all settings you had.
Open UkRoNiCs BOX Updater .420. select -Ukr_PUFF1.0.1_ConvertBOX.bin- 1mb
OFF/On....on fisrt lights hit the write will reboot into 'rolling PUFF'--this indicates 'waiting for PUFF bin'.
Using same need to OFF/ON the box at this point (but it wont kill it if you do),
select the Team-PUFF bin of choice up to the latest 261 (unless otherwise posted by us)
hit the write button when ready, box will again reboot, will pause of last 'F', and turn ON.
This brings up the language screen and the rest is up to you.
BTW* no need to set default keys--but couldnt hurt*

[link removed]

BTW...every file U need to convert to from old pansat 2500 to B75 2700...and then to Puff 2700, if ya want is also right here..

[link removed]

jvvh m bin
jvvh 208 bin
Puff loaders (2 of em)
Puff convertbox file
Puff 261 file

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261 Conversion BINs.

4th April, 2008.

There is one 261 BIN released in b75 section.

There are 3 261 BINs released in PUFF section.

There are no releases yet in PUFF_LZMA sections for 261 BIN.

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261 Conversion BINs.
There are three 261 BIN released in b75 section.

There are over five - 261 BIN released in PUFF section.
You can use the QUICK_PUFF directory in the PUFF section and choose the quick method recommended recently or follow the traditional method of update as describe in the full_kit directory of PUFF section.

There is one release in PUFF_LZMA section for 261 BIN.
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