Short occured to lnb connection


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i have the following setup

119, 118.7, and 110 to dp34 (dp lnb from dish 500+)
91/82 (dp quad)and 129 (dp lnb) to chieta 4x1 diseqc switch

use dn sw21 to combine dp34 and chieta 4x1 and to receiver # 1 (sv8000hd)

use sw21 to combine dp34 and lnb from dp quad to reciever # 2 (cw700)

everything was fine yesterday until i move receiver # 2 (cw700) to the receiver # 1 location for fine. then i got the message saying "short occured to lnb connection". now i get no signal even when i plug in sv8000 in the original spot.

then i put the receiver # 2 and receiver #1 in the receiver # 2 spot and also getting no signal or "short occured to lnb connection". on the cw700, i'm getting a hissing sound.

i then test the cw700 on a separate line from dp34 directly cw700 and the signal is fine.

thus i figure the problem is either the quad lnb or the cable from the quad lnb to the chieta 4x1 switch (for receiver # 1)and the cable from the quad lnb to the sw21 (for receiver # 2).

Any ideas anyone or suggestion before i replace the quad lnb?


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i would check the cable ends first - had same thing - bad connector to cw.
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