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Most recent changes to the Dish Channel List page
Caught up with yesterday's changes. The chart was up to date as of 4am today. At 11:40pm the change log was updated for yesterday. Nothing new today.
The following channels are now mirrored at 61.5° tp 32 in MPEG-4 format. They are not available to subscribers at this time:
Standard definition: 100 HOME, 140 ESPN, 142 ESNWS, 143 ESPCL, 144 ESPN2, 148 ESPNU, 200 CNN, 214 TWC, 444-453 ALT, 454 SPORT, (517, 518 PPV)
Part-time HD RSN channels 5409 CSNWS, 5410 ALTUD, 5411 PRIME, 5414 FOXRM, 5415 FOXAZ. 5416 FOXSW, 5417 FOXW, 5418 FOXMW, 5419 FOXBA(CSNBA), 5420 FOXS, 5424 CSNMA, 5425 FOXOH, 5426 FOXNW, 5427 FOXCN, 5428 FOXPT, 5429 CSNCH, 5430 FOXD, 5431 STO, 5436 FOXN, 5437 SPSOU.
5781-5783 HDRSN (presumably altenate channels for the RSNs above.)
5800-5806 SKDL (Source channels for all the RSNs listed above. Essentially only 7 RSN channels can be active at any one time) - these channels were moved from tp 13 at 61.5°
HD: 9419 A&E, 9427 UNIHD, 9429 NTGEO
The following channels were removed from tp 13 at 61.5°. (this transponder became a spot beam transponder today)
(513, 514, 517, 520, 523 PPV), 560 NBA TV, 561-572 NBA
5800-5813 SKDL (5800-5806 were moved to tp 32)
5814, 5815 EPSK1 & 2.
499 P*layboy is now available to subscribers on tp 4 at 119°. This is a mirror of channel 497 but it gives those with newer receivers that are hooked up to broadband or phone line the ability to subscribe to the channel by using the remote control.
Channels 717 LEOWD (61.5°/148°), 728 RAI & 796 K TV (121°) were removed from the system today. These channels have been unavailable for some time and have moved to different channel numbers at 118°.
Due to the re-use of channel numbers, the uplink reports on the DBS discussion boards were confusing. For this reason all the locals in the channel ranges will be listed. Some of the following local markets have been uplinked for a while. NONE WERE REMOVED. This was just a "glitch" in the programs JohnH and DigiBlur use to automate their reports.
The following MPEG 4 - HD local channel markets (ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox) were either uplinked or moved to channels 5150-5153. NONE are available to subscribers yet.
Fargo, ND - tp 1 spot 11
Richmond, VA - tp 1 spot 15
Jackson, MS - tp 1 spot 19
Wichita Falls, TX - tp 3 spot 13
Madison, WI - tp 5 spot 14
Columbia, SC - tp 5 spot 17
(Tampa, FL - tp 7 spot 12 was in the previous weeks but is still not available. Uplink reports could be misread to show these channels were remover. They were not. )
The following MPEG 4 HD local channel markets (ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox) were uplinked to channels 5160-5163.
Sherman, OK (no ABC) - tp 1 spot 13 (not available to subscribers)
Green Bay - tp 13 spot 14 (not available to subscribers)
Orland HD locals are still available tp 3 spot 14
The following MPEG 4 HD local channel markets (ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox) were uplinked or moved around to channel 5170-5173. NONE are available to subscribers yet.
Abilene/Sweetwater, TX - tp 7 spot 13
Providence, RI - tp 11 & 13 spot 16
Florence, SC - tp 13 spot 17 (ABC, CBS, Fox & CW)
Ft. Myers, FL - Tp 15 spot 12 (previously uplinked)
Grand Rapids - tp 15 spot 14 (Previously uplinked
The following MPEG 4 HD local channel markets (ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox) were uplinked to or moved around on channel 5180-5183.
West Palm Beach, FL - tp 1 spot 12 (ABC, NBC & Fox available to subscribers. No CBS due to retrans consent)
Austin, TX - tp 5 spot 13 - Available to subscribers
The following MPEG 4 HD local channel markets (ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox) were uplinked to or moved around on channel 5190-5193. NONE are available to subscribers yet.
South Bend, IN - tp 5 spot 14
Beaumont, TX - tp 9 spot 13 (this was preciously uplinked)
Greensboro, NC - tp 9 spot 17
The following MPEG 4 HD local channel markets (ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox) were uplinked to or moved around on channel 5190-5193. NONE are available to subscribers yet.
Cleveland, OH - tp 1 spot 14
Milwaukee, WI - tp 9 spot 14
The following local HD market (ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox) were mirrored to spot beams at 61.5° and are NOT available to subscribers. The original locations ARE available to subscribers.
6340-6343 - Nashville, TN - tp 13 spot 19 (available to subs at 129°)
6347-6350 - Minneapolis, MN - tp 3 spot 11 (available to subs at 129°)
6365-6369 - Atlanta, GA (Including WPCH) - tp 15 spot 17 (available to subs at 129° minus WPCH)
6495-6498 - Birmingham, AL - tp 9 spot 19 (available to subs at 119°)
INFO channels 7189, 7197, 7777 warning subscribers about local channels moving from 121° and 61.5° were removed from the system.
"MTS" channels 5550-5561 were removed from tp 13 at 148°
5974 and 5975 Providence RI "warning" channels (XWJAR & XWPRI) were removed from the system tp 16 at 61.5°
6799 HIDEF channel was added to tp 19 at 110° and appears to be an informational slate. This channel is NOT available to subscribers yet.
The following local channels were mirrored added to 61.5° in STANDARD Definition MPEG 4. This is to comply with the FCC "all locals must be receivable on one Dish" rule. NONE OF THESE CHANNELS ARE AVAILABLE TO SUBSCRIBERS YET!
7094-7097 South Bend, IN (WCWW, ESBT, WNIT, WHME) - tp 9 spot 14
7109-7112 Albany, NY (WEWB, WMHT, WNYA) tp 7 spot 16
7254-5256 Columbia, SC (WKTC, WZRB, WELK) tp 5 spot 17
7418 & 7420 Fargo, ND (WFME, WDAZ) tp 1 spot 11
5734-5739 Flint, MI (WBSF, WFUM, WAQP, WDCQ) tp 7 & 15 spot 14
7735-7736 Greenville, NC (WNCTD, GTCI) tp 7 spot 15
7770-7776 Providence, RI (WLNE, WPRI, WJAR,WNAC,WLWC, WSBW) tp 11 spot 16
7843 Florence, SC (WJPM) tp 13 spot 17
7865 Whichita Falls, TX (KKTM) tp 3 spot 13
7866 PBS national channel for Wichita tp 23 ConUS. (Continental US or "Contiguous US")
8175 PBS national channel for Abilene, TX tp 23 (mirror of last listing, no additional bandwidth used)
8274-8286 Orlando, FL (WRBW, WMFE, WRDQ, WVEN, WTMO, WOTF, WCEU, WBCC, WHLV, WTGL,WACX, W21AU) tp 3 & 15 spot 12
8495-8905 Chicago, IL (WPWR. WTTW, WCIU, WGBO, WSNS, WXFT, WYCC, WYIN, WJYS, WOCK, WWME) tp 9 spot 14
8554-8561 Nashville, TN (WNAB, WUXP, WNPT, WHTN, WJFB, WCTE) tp 13 spot 19
8734-8736 Baltimore, MD (WNUV, WUTB, WMPT) tp 9 spot 15
8865-8871 West Palm Beach (WTVX, WXEL, WFGC, WPXP) tp 1 spot 12. (8873 WJAN was NOT part if this uplink)
9219-9223 Ft. Myers, FL (WXCW, WEVU, WGCU, WRXY, WWDT) tp 15 spot 12
9314-9318 Knoxville, TN (WBXX, WKOP, WVLR) tp 7 spot 17)
"Temp" HD channels 9463, 9483, 9484, 9492 and 9494 were moved from tp 9 to 25 at 61.5°. These channels reportedly hold the following gems: Tennis HD, MGM HD, MOJO HD, Smithsonian HD and World Fishing Network HD (no joke). Don't get excited now. These channels have been hanging around and UNAVAILABLE to subscribers for months.
9701-9732 (except 9710) were moved from tps 25 and 32 to tp 14 at 61.5°. They are all mirrors of one channel showing the same slate telling subscribers that Sky Angel via satellite is history as of 3/31/08
9750-9781, the Sky Angel audio channels which have been silent since yesterday have been removed from tp 25 at 61.5°.
---Now you see why it took me so long to list the changes yesterday? :-)
4/1/08 (The EKB is a prank free zone this year)
Channels 419 and 5419 Fox Sports Bay Area were transformed into Comcast Sports Bay Area today. The EPG name was changed from FOXBA to CSNBA. The HD channel 5419 is still not available to subscribers.
Penthouse TV seems to have replaced TEN on channels 489 and 495 at 119°.
The Sky Angel channels (9700 range except 9710) are all showing slates telling former Sky Angel subscribers that Sky Angel no longer provides satellite service and several former Sky Angel channels are available through Dish Network.
Angel One -- Available channel 261 (Family Package, AT100 and up)
Angel 2 -- Available channel 264 (Family Package, AT100 and up)
KTV & Spirit TV -- Available channel 266 (Family Package, Free PI Pack, AT100 and up)
Guardian Television Network (WSFJ TV 51 Newark/Columbus, OH) (Columbus Local package ONLY)
Trinity Broadcasting Network -- Available channel 260 (Free PI Pack, Family Pack, AT100 and up)
Cornerstone TV (WPCB TV 40 Pittsburgh, PA) Available Pittsburgh and Johnstown/Altoona local packages ONLY
Home & Garden Television (AT100/Family Pack channel 112)
The Hallmark Channel (AT250/Family Pack ch 185, DLMax 896)
Hallmark Movie Channel (AT250/Family Pack ch 187)
Fox News Channel (AT200/Family Pack channel 205)
Channel 717 LEOWD was removed from subscribers' receivers today at 61.5° and 148°. LEOWD is now only available at 118°.

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work just as well for the people that are interested

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no people are too lazy to go to sites.........

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so, bottom line, what does all that stuff mean???... not that I am being lazy, I just do not understand... sorry.

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Channels 717 LEOWD (61.5°/148°), 728 RAI & 796 K TV (121°) were removed from the system today

for example this channel was removed from dish so u won't be able to see this channel anymore...
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