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I've been having some difficulty with the newest save-my-receiver conversion method and I thought it'd be a good idea to talk about the pros and cons of the two post-B75 conversion methods for FLU/Pansat 2600 receivers and clones, namely PUFF and it's variant LZMA (a.k.a. LAZMA or PUFF. [with a period]).

They're pretty similar in that both move info like the background picture out of the receiver's flash memory, allowing more space for bigger and better bins.

Personally, I've had good results with both the B-75 (2700) conversion and PUFF. LZMA, however, has given me some trouble. For one thing, installation was not as pleasant or user-friendly as with the other two systems.

The most irritating quirk with LZMA has been using Channel Master to manage channel info, which has become impossible. When I load a channel list, I lose the most recent bin. If I upload the bin again, I may or may not have the list back once I reboot. Now I'm forced to Blind Scan and lose my Favorites and my pretty channel names. Bummer.

If LZMA does offer a significant space advantage over PUFF, then we should embrace it until the space finally runs out and we all buy next-gen receivers (I already got me a VSPRO). Still, there are bugs to fix and this could be the place to name them.

Anybody else?

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I have used and am using even now all the three methods, with Channel master and have no complaints whatsoever.
Two of the receivers were originally Eaglestar and one is a Pantec.
The route I have taken towards LZMA is:
b-75 Boot adn BIN
Then PUFF boot and BIN using jvvh 253 640K boot/bin
Then Chancy's LSMA conversion method that came with CS_258t_PUFF
using Chancy's BG and chancy's BIN
I am now using Fwank7 260 PUFF_LZMA BIN on one.
Every one of the receiver had channel list and this was saved before changing things and restored after the BIN was installed.

I was reading the discussion between Chancysand, lvvh and Lothario about the BGs and apparently at some point one of them had altered the position or location of the BG.
Give them another month and the issue will have settled, because so far I have seen nothing but respect and understanding between them.

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************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** **************************************************

There is just WAY too much confusion being caused these days on how to convert the boxes from point A to point B
and back again, so in an effort to keep things together and organised better in a way that is good for everyone and is user-friendly;
Fwank7, Nkk_Mty and myself are working together and will keep things going strong...

As posted else-where, LZMA compression is ONLY out because I released it and should NOT have (it was just a test to see if it was possible)--(nobody's perfect)...but the fact is, we don't need it (and probly won't)
as new ideas have shown that much more is possible with PUFF--and it's faster then LZMA--as a result of that:
we have finally decided that PUFF will be the main method and will keep Lzma just as a backup in case we need it since PUFF gives more advantage and safety for the end users and the compression itself is easier to work with and does the task at hand.

So from this point on, anything to do with B-75 and LZMA binfiles will not be from us and we assume
no responsability for what others bins may or may not do to anyone's box.

We're not saying we won't help people in need, just that if someone uses a bin not done by us, anything goes,
time will show those who know what their doing and those that don't.

---------------------------------------------------That is why this is called TESTING------------------------------------------------------

Those who wish to TesT the lzma further will have to do so with-out our help, we are focusing on PUFF as a '1 for all'
so everyone runs the same and with as few issues as possible. We hope people can understand why we're doing this
(not that it matters) but WE feel it must be done to cut the confusion to a minimum.

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