Dead reciever? 3500 Crashed?


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You Can Buy the 20 Pin JTAG Cable from Ebay , the dealers are in Canada so it can take 10 days to get the cable..

I might also suggest RS232 to USB to Flash to Bin 70/80.

Most Computers have Printer/LPT Port (For JTAG) but most do not have serial port.

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i've done about 4 need alot of patience.i got my cable from ebay,and yes most laptops do not have the lpt port

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Ok let me assure you that this method is very easy and is much simpler than the wall and the jkeys method. Please do not be concerned that it does not say pansat 3500sd, this makes no difference whatsoever. I will include instructions and files needed below. I used this program on two different pansat 3500sd receivers and it worked flawlessly

PRELIMINARY STEP: I am including a file with instructions on how to unlock your intel chip at the bottom for anyone who has an intel chip that will need unlocking before you can proceed with the skymax 2.2 procedure. Thanks go to trickydiky for suggesting that this file be added to this jtag method. Thank you. I did not need to use this unlocker myself but others may possibly need it as suggested by trikydiky.


STEP 1: First of all you will need to purchase a jtag cable. They have them on ebay for about 9 dollars. Ok now take the cover off of your pansat 3500sd, there are 3 screws holding it on. One screw on each side and one screw in the back.

STEP 2: Now that you have your box open connect the 20 pin jtag cable to your printer port on the back of your computer and to the pansat with the other end of the jtag cable.

STEP 3: I think it would be a good idea not to have any other programs running while implementing this procedure.

STEP 4: Now turn the pansat 3500sd power on in the back of the receiver.

STEP 5: Open up the Skymax 2.2 program and now you will only need to change one setting. Under adr flash there are two settings and you will select the setting 2mb (7FE00000). You will also under LPT Port you will want to select LPT 1.

STEP 6: Ok now that you have skymax open and all of the correct settings selected you can proceed. Under connection select start, wait for this to complete and then under flash operations (connection required first) you will select erase. Please wait until your erase is completed before continuing to the next step.

STEP 7: You are almost there, now once your erase is completed and sucessful, under flash operations (connection required first) you will want to select write.

STEP 8: A window will open up after you have selected write, at the
bottom you will need to change rom file to view all files. Once you have
done this you will need to select the file I have included with these instructions which is (pansat 3500s-flash 1(29LV160CBTC-70)-FULL . Once you have selected the correct file skymax will automatically start the process of writting the file to your receiver. This is a 2mb file so it might take a little while to complete this download to your receiver. Please do not disconnect or turn your box off while implementing this procedure.

STEP 9: Ok once the writting procedure is complete turn your box off in the back. Now disconnect the Jtag cable from your box and you computer. Now turn your receiver back on and Congradulations you should now have the b-70 comming up when your receiver comes on.

STEP 10: Now turn your receiver back off and put the cover back on. Once you have completed this Jtag procedure you will want to go and get the latest boot 80 binary and follow instructions on how to download it to your reciever. Then ofcourse your will need get the latest autroll bin and load it to your receiver also and now once you have your box hooked up you should be watching sat tv.
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