Thank You for PUFF


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I have successfully converted to PUFF and just want to thank everyone for keeping the old pansat 2500A up and running. I don't know how you guys do it, but please accept my thanks for all your efforts.
Have a good holiday weekend everyone.
You guys are the greatest!
Carol aka Ladybug

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I agree. Thanks to all the coders and people here who help us understand it better and better everyday.

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The thanks really go to:

These are the people who take the published BIN for 2700 and modify it. These days they are out with the conversion version within 2 hours of the original being posted.

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And don't forget Blacklist and his team, they are the people who publish the BIN after each ECM. without them we would have nothing!

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Most of all Thank you to Nalin Nyda for posting links and all the information we need to upgrade.}

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Does Nalin Still have that famous Kit of his going? Good work, Nalin.
I hear the conversion is getting more complicated.

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the conversion is more simple.
1)the conversion de stb with boot B-75 and
Boot-Puff to Lzma-puff are the same.

2)conncect the seria cable from stb to pc.

3)Turn On your STB,wait until the front panel of stb shows ON or a ch#.

4)Open GtromLoader 27.02,select the file Lzma-boot-loth.(Puff).bin (64kb) and click
on download............

5)Wait until STB finish to download and it
will reboot... verify that PUFF. PUFF. is
shown on display and (F.)

6)Turn off STB from power switch from the back of STB.........

7) Open BlackList Updater 1.4. select the bin Lothario-258-Lzma_(Puff) or Nkk.bin

8)Turn ON the stb,look at display first F,
then click on write bin, wait until the stb finish to write,then it will rebbot automatically.............

Set up and scan, if you don't have a channel list or use GTromLoader 27.02 to upload your

9)wait for A/R. If it doesn't set default keys,after autoroll picture will came on.

This is my way, I had done this on about 25 stb from multis,pantec fortec,pansats, without jtag, and converting from Lzma to Puff and b-75 or to b-75 to Lzma and Puff.

Note. never turn off your stb when it is showings knight riders after the boot was loaded, just use BL l.4 and load the correct
conversion bin ( Puff .bin, Lzma-puff.bin or

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Username: Juancho

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You are here B-75....

Now to convert to puff from b-75
use bin "Jvvh_fortec_pansat_CanAm_(PUFF)_253_(640kb) and load the last bin,now is 258_PUFF

To convert from b-75 or PUFF.
use Lzma-boot(PUFF) and the last bin,now 258 lzma-nkk or any lzma .bin, here is the lzma boot
Lzma-boot(PUFF.).zip (22.4 k)

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I wish I can say that conversion is simple. The fact is that there is always a gap, a time lag and a learning curve from a new software to general use. In most cases you go through a Beta. In this FTA worlds we don't go through a Beta testing and take our chances.
Be cautious.
the three types of conversions are kept separate so there is no confusion (we hope!) Have a look there and have a look at all the three types of instructions.

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In the spanish forum, no one has to jtag no even one receiver as we tested firts what we post, sometimes the coders don't know what the problems will be, and I am in this since the begining of PUFF or Lzma, no copy o paste ,.It's for testing that I said something here. for me it is simple , I can go back at 294T bin and from there to any conversion that I wants to for test
NKK bins, I do this since his startings point.

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i did what it said abovce to load the new bin but it doesnt let me keeps giving me write failed error.. can someone please explain how to load the new puff bins up again.. thank you

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Username: Juancho

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firts what boot the receiver has?.
Second, what loader ?.
third, the cable
last one, How do you do it.

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Username: Juancho

De los cerros mas alto..., BINDURABLE.

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Since the 257 Puff bin I don't recommend the conversion to PUFF, many fail when converting
to Puff. I recommend the new Lzma-Puff as I am using both conversions and for the modds is more easy and fast work with Lzma,
here is it..
B-75 system use 430 kb.
PUFF ';'''''''''404""""
I never had problems converting to lzma
the only things is take longer to reboot
than PUFF
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