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What the heck's a PUFF??Nalin Nyda45
JVVH PUFF Bin 254 v.2 - March 7 AV1
FTA Forum World Has The AnswersPlymouth4
Difference between 148 and 61.5Plymouth10
Question about USB adapter.THE ONLY PAISA LEFT7
Do u need to put keys in manually or just let it autorollkswiss12
Typical friday for charlie coderspsychmonster1
Dn again down for me new keys pleasePlymouth48
VSUltra help please... Plymouth11
97W down??RTAP4
Missing channels on vsAfrican2
LK and NalinMaple Leaf78
IS FLU Converted to 2700 working?Tin Tin4
Freeze fixPlymouth2
Re Star SportsJogi Mago1
Geo News and AGG Tv missing on 61.5Jogi Mago6
Thanks LKJerry Conway1
Question to LK about coolsatt clonesNaughty Nalin19
Is this acceptable ?Naughty Nalin6
Curious...where's cartier?Naughty Nalin16
Land hockey on tv?devin3
Current ECM vs Da ECM Before December King Tapeman31
LNB 118-119Mad Flea4
Can I get 118.8Mad Flea3
Ariza 700,750,700s And800 FillHc18
2500/FLU CONVERTED TO 2700A PUFF 254 BINThe Coders3
Pansat 2700 bad or scarabled channelsNalin Nyda8
A working internet TV FREE tested by meNalin Nyda4
Any one got loader for coolsat6000?Tooter2
Bin for Pansat converted to 2700(clone)Nalin Nyda12
Cs5k just turn off a/r enter keys man.The Coders11
[[[DESIIIII DhAAGA]]]sada17
Meaning of "PUFF"Nalin Nyda23
This for Nalin NydaNalin Nyda5
Great site for all channels and tp settingsDrMunna7
Five Asian Channels Will Be Added To Satellite'sDrMunna6
Star plus gone?Nalin Nyda8
Problem with loading pansatNalin Nyda13
No Signalparth patel11
New ECM in the stream expect tv blackout soonPlymouth22
How To Manually Change KeysDoreen5
For missing channels and Tps on echostarDoreen12
VS Extreme losing remote???Plymouth11
Dont wait 4 for a fix get it our selfPancho Villa1
No ChannelsAfrican18
Xtreme VS quick question.RTAP4
Ok guys i am only getting few channels with 118.8 dishPlymouth7
Best hd fta receiverRTAP4
Is star plus working on converted flu?African10
DN & Bev BlackoutViswaa Dure3
Channel scan help - - strange issue. Any help is appreciate!LK7
STAR+ and STAR ONE on Viewsat Xtreme working using 118.7 Plymouth2
Star+ & Star1 on VS Ultra, 61.5masab8
Cw800 help???Luis Baez9
DN and Bev ECM....4 MarchNalin Nyda52
Starplus and Starone on NfusionPlymouth12
How to get Star + and Star on 61.5JOHNNY BOY2
Star inks deal with DN for US viewersrick6
Star+ and Star1 on 118 working confimedsada20
Simple question.. how do dn/bell update their reciever..Plymouth23
I want to ask this without getting my head bit offNalin Nyda10
Any luck of finding starplus on 148 dish?sada15
Cw700s card slot and usb MclinkASS4
New Keys & AUTOROLL FilesThe Coders3
How do I add TP to VS Ultra and Sonicview 4000?Plymouth3
VS Flies are out at Total. (eom)MclinkASS4
2500/FLU to 2700 2500 Conversion BINsNalin Nyda13
Bin for converted 2500/2700aNalin Nyda23
Channel master for fluAV2
Something funnyMclinkASS4
Connections on back of pansat 2700aMclinkASS2
Can anywone replyJami3
No channels - cw600s regularWhyNot5
FLU / 2500 to PUFF Conversion - by AVssat234
Working star plus on all ftasam patel12
Need help pleaselolita white1
Missing channels (no signal) on 82?lava boy1
Ayuda por favorzulu10
148 channel listRTAP2
Waiting for picRTAP4
How do I get 61.5?Dracu-Laal9
Usb to db25 for j-tagRTAP2
Bin 254Nalin Nyda10
LBC and MBC have 0 quality on VS Ultra, anyone else?joe farwa7
CAN I HAVE new KEY?Jami6
118.7/119 Missig TPsMad Flea2
Is the bin Jvvh_254_nkk out yet? Nalin Nyda11
Any fix for converted 2500-2700 pansat yet?Nalin Nyda3
Stuck in do not power off stageFrank Ciciarelli11
C/S all bin's are outagm7
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