Whats on 118.7


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I was just thinking of getting 118.7 but I was not sure what all was on it any help would be great thanks

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which country do u follow?

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I am in canada but I was just wondering

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it just offer some extra channels for 119...
most of channels are at 119 english channel
110 lots of ppvs etc..
82,91 canadian channels
148 international..

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so it is not worth getting the different lnb for you are saying. I already get 61.5,82,91,110,119 so I should save my money!!!! thanks

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so u already have everything.. there..
118 i think have some extra channel.. nothing special .//

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Username: Yakovaki

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basically 118.7 is like 61.5 without hd
its all international stuff right now

dont bother getting it unless any internationals you watch move from 61.5 to 118.7 (oh and not to mention that it requires a 31 inch or bigger dish) :p lol i have same as u exactly and dont want some jumbo azz dish on my house it already looks like nasa with the 3 i have on it

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here ya go bud found this


copy/paste change aster to dot

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(Scott) Here is the list of channels as of now
that are on Anik F3. all you have to do is
replace your 119 LNB with 118° (Circular 10750) dual LNB $23.95

ART Movies America
ATN Bangla
ATV - Asia TV
Aajtak India
Al Arabiyah

Al Jazeera
Al Masriya
Arirang World
Armenia TV
B4U Movies
B4U Music

Beying TV
CCTV 9 International
CCTV Entertainment

CCTV Opera
CTS Taiwan
CTV Taiwan
Channel I
China Movie Channel
Deutsche Welle TV

Dragon TV
Dubai Television
ET TV China
ET TV Drama
ET TV Global
ET TV News

Fujian South East TV
Future TV USA
German Kino Plus
Guang Dong Sat TV
Headlines Today

Hunan TV
Israel Global One
Israeli Movie Channel
Jesus Satellite TV

Jet TV
Jiangsu Satellite TV
KBS America
KBS World
KDKA 2 Pittsburgh
KDNL 30 St. Louis

KMOV 4 St. Louis
KSDK 5 St. Louis
KTVI 2 St. Louis
LBC America

MH 1
Maa TV
Mabuhay Channel
NBN (lb)
NBN (ph)

New TV (lb)
Nile Drama
On Game Net
Pacvia TV

Phoenix Chinese Channel
Phoenix Infonews
ProSieben-Sat1 Welt
RBT International
RTP Internacional

RTVi +
Rede Record
SIC Noticias
Sahara One

Sahara Samay National
Sony Entertainment TV
Sun Gemini
Sun Surya TV
Sun TV (in)
Sun Teja TV

Sun Udaya TV
TV Asia
TV Globo Internacional
TV Japan
TV5 Monde Etats Unis
TVN 24

Taiwan TV
The Israeli Network
Trace TV
Videoland on TV
Viva TV (ph)
WBTV 3 Charlotte

WCCB 18 Charlotte
WCNC 6 Charlotte
WDIV 4 Detroit
WJBK 2 Detroit
WNCN 17 Raleigh
WOW TV (kr)

WPGH 53 Pittsburgh
WPXI 11 Pittsburgh
WSOC 9 Charlotte
WTAE 4 Pittsburgh
WTVD 11 Durham
WWJ 62 Detroit

WXYZ 7 Detroit
Yellow River TV
Zee Cinema
Zee TV
[3A] Telesud

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