CW600S Premium is not staying in Boot mode


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I uploaded the software 1.68 on my captive work 600S premium last night and it did not work. This morning I tried to load 1.69 but it is not working. My reciever is not staying in the boot mode. When I turn on the reciever from the back while holding the power button in the front, the boot shows up on LCD for few seconds and would not stay. Any help will be greatly apprecioated.

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you have to hold the power button until you get the BOOT MODE display. if that doesnt work program it in STANDBY MODE (clock display mode).

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turn off button in the front to put it on stand by mode.then load the bin

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How do I get to the standby mode ?
PS Holding power button is not keeping my reciever in boot mode. It shows up only for few seconds.

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The Proper way to CW600S/P "Standby Mode" and "Upgrade Procedure" for dummies


For all of you CW600S/P owners/newbies out there, after many hours of research and experience, it occured to me that there wasn't enough details in the setup procedures for newbie's posted in the forums including the "How To Guides," much of the information in the forums don't even specify if it's for a "Regular" or "Premium" model, this is where mistakes are made so I wanted to share the details with you who may have questions, doubts and fear of screwing something up. I too was scared when I first set out but it's very simple once you get the hang of it!

I own only "Premium" models but have noticed that there isn't much difference between the two except for certain features such as memory capacity, channel and satellite info capacity and maybe some other small features. The basics of the "Upgrade" procedure should apply to either model.

The latest Loader program v1.06 should work for either model. Always take caution when selecting files to download and install, if you aren't sure, it's time to take time and do your homework, read, read and read before proceding, make sure to post questions in the appropriate forum pertaining to your specific question otherwise you may not receive an answer. You should be able to find an answer to nearly every question by reading the posts.

Read these instructions carefully, follow them step by step and you should have no problems.

A/V= "audio/video" (typically RCA type color coded component cables)
STB= "set top box" (satellite receiver of any kind)
LNBF= "low noise block feedhorn" (refers to commonly used Ku-Band devices)
PC= "IBM compatible computer" (laptop or desktop)
Null Modem= "serial cable that has wires crossed over"

Always do the upgrades/downloads/uploads with the lnbf coax cable disconnected from the receiver, "when the lnbf coax cable is disconnected, it provokes the receiver to the proper standby mode "--:--"
.....not the "BOOT" mode, unsatisfactory results may occur using the "BOOT" mode.

You only need one file to make this box work, use the latest/current "bin" file available. Keep it simple and take your time! Many people make mistakes by downloading the wrong files that belong to other models, if this happens, you may render the receiver useless, permanently! Make sure you use the proper file for your "regular" or "Premium." They are different and will NOT work if the wrong file is downloaded to the STB.

To begin, do a "factory default" first, this is done in the receiver's onscreen Menu (must be connected to TV to see what you're doing), next, turn off STB and then power off at the back panel switch. (always make A/V and coax connections/disconnections to TV and satellite receiver with them unplugged from power, otherwise may cause damage to receiver and/or TV, the receiver power switch on back panel is sufficient to power off.) Now disconnect all TV A/V, coax and/or AC-3 Dolby optic cables from TV, etc. except for the null modem serial cable which connection is made in the next step.

With PC off/shut down, connect the serial/modem cable,,,only null modem cable should be connected from receiver to pc at this time, (serial /modem cable connections and disconnections should always be made with the pc turned off, otherwise it may damage the resource chip on motherboard) now start up the pc and open the loader program and have the proper "bin" update file and com port selected (in this order)....double check the com port settings for both the pc and the loader before proceeding to download (com ports should match, i.e.; com1 to com1 or which ever one is set for usage by your pc), if you are not sure, you can check it in the "Windows Device Manager."

Now turn on the STB power from back panel switch, wait for it to completely boot up, give it adequate time, it should default to the time display; "12:00" or "0000", then press the power button on front panel and it should go right to the standby mode "--:--". then start the download process by clicking "Start" in the loader program. It should work flawlessly. Let it complete the process until it displays "-end" then turn off STB by back panel power switch, close the loader program and shut down PC, disconnect the serial/modem cable, connect the TV A/V cable and LNBF coax cable from your satellite dish, the dish must already be aimed and pointed to the target satellite or satellites, power up the STB and do another factory default, turn off and power down (switch off) one more time, power back up and begin the setup and sat scans.

In the receiver Menu, under "System Info," verify the new file you just downloaded, it will be listed under the "S/W version" description. Make sure the "Autoroll" feature is set to "on" in the "System" Menu settings, you can also turn "off" the "Key Update Message" in the Menu, otherwise you will see a onscreen message everytime it rolls new keys, you don't want this to happen especially if you are recording.

In the "System Settings" menu, set the "Channel NO." to "SID" so that it can properly identify, organize and number all the channels according to the satellite service provider's channel line up. All the other settings are basic and straight forward, just follow the User Manual that came with your receiver or search the Captive Works forums on this web site for Instructions/How to Guides.

Last, after the setup and satellite scanning, you must "enable the patch," with the receiver and TV on, select a scrambled channel to view, next, on the remote control, press the "F1" button, you will see an "H" on the receiver front panel display, then press the zero "0" button 3 times, you will see the zero's display as you enter them and then you will see a display on the TV screen "Patch Enabled."

By repeating this step, you can reverse the patch to "Patch Disabled."
Just make sure it's "enabled" so that it can decode scrambled channels.

It usually takes a few minutes to roll keys, when it does, the picture will pop up unscrambled and you will be watching TV.

One last thing, after the initial upgrade when the keys roll for the first time, it's been said that you should turn off and reset the STB, turn back switch off, wait a few seconds then turn on and let it boot up. It should come up to the last channel you were just viewing.

That's it, you're done, enjoy!
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