Any box has the newest bin come out first is the best box!!


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Username: Falcon21

Van, Bc Ca

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I would suggest all my friends Pensat over Vousat now. Since I really think to have 1 team support 2 different boxes is just not good enough.
From day 1 of DTV days I know there is nothing called a more permanent bin, so anytime when someone tells you that he is working on a more permanent bin. You will know that's just an excuse, any good temp bin is better than any bin comes out tomorrow. Because soon it will all get wiped out....
Just do a good job, so you will sell your boxes.
We really don't need to know all the excuses.
And I am sure they will work harder when they see everyone is using other boxes.

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pansat 3500SD is the best over all 4 yrs strong and counting

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Nfusion wins at this time. Still working every day 100%

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Without IKS SV had the bin out before the last Bev ECM and the bin out before the chuckie ECM Today never glitched a bit. Up 2 times in a row if all stb coders could do this and fix it before it goes down would be tits for me.

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yeah sonicview is way ahead as of late......just remember that they are teamed up with the way pansat sucks..........

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Kanaka freak...

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The Pansat 3500 is a piece of crap!

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Kanaka freak...

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Hey TFT, good to see you!

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Username: Drmunna

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i dont know if few hours difference in releasing file makes who is best.
its not like VS is coming days or weeks later.

whats more user friendly, less scanning time, EPG support etc should also matter because for support as we all know most of them comes within couple of days...........

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as long as they work that's the most important.

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Kanaka freak...

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That's right Mad Flea, any unit is good as long as it works. Not like my 3500 that worked for a little while then crapped out. Also Pansat gave up on the 2500 too early and that's another reason I will never back them up again.

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yeah that 2500 is a dinosaur but what a great box.
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