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anybody know international channels working or not?
thank you..................

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DN is please

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110 and 119 work fine on my xtreme, but the international on 118 is not.

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everything working

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you sound sexy satgrl.. lets talk..

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the 118 just not working with me.

I just replaced 118 from 121, had a little troubles to scan the channels, finally they came thru but just auto rolling.

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it seems to be the latest bin is working with everybody, is there anybody out there not getting the 118 on xtreme like me?

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DOIN a SEARCH on this SITE can get you some ANSWERS

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Posted on Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 07:27 pm:
Yes King,
I already have Anlk F3 (118.7) and TP 11715 listed in the receiver and some other 118 TPs' from LyngSat site(http://www.lyngsat.c0m/anikf3.html)
. I will enter the rest from LynsSat and try them one by one.
Right now I have 63% signal from 119 and I am using the new Circular LNB for 119/118.7.

My question is, DO I HAVE TO POINT TO 118.7 itself in order to get 118 channels, or just pointing to 119 and do BLIND scan will download both 118/119 channels as they said (

Right now, I am not getting any signal from 118 with following setting:

Sat= Anlk F3 (118.7)
Tp= 11715/V/20000/7/8
Freq= 10600 or 17050
LNB Type= Normal


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118.7 unknown

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Check disq, try changing tp

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thanx for you guys help.

I have channels scanned for 118, and my signals are strong, my xtreme works fine with 110 and 119, but when it comes to 118 channels, the screen showed auto roll processing.

it is not I am not getting signal from the bird, nor I am off position nor wrong settings. and the lnb is not generic, it is the dp repoint kit for the super d 121.

guys, please help, and don't sound me like I did not search the forums.

again, the signal is there, and it is the right bird.

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Mad Flea : Here is one suggestion.
1. Remove all TPs from 118.7
2. Add the first TP manually. Scan just th eTP.
3. Repeat 2 adding one known 118.7 TP at a time.
4. One guy did that with a converted 2500-2700 and got all the 118.7 channels pointing to 119!!!

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thanx nalin,

the Q here is I did exactly what you guys been help out the others here to get the 118, and I finally did and sure of getting the bird, cuz I only scan the tp 11715 which I got the channels I want.

BUT, the problem right now is, the channels are there, s/q are come in there and strong, 110 and 119 are working excellent, 118 just stayed at AUTO ROLLING.
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