HDTV Tuner - does it matter??


Alex C
I have a Samsung HDTV - Ready TV. I see that HDTV receivers are finally coming down in price. There is a popular Samsung model on eBay that goes for around $170. I am thinking of grabbing one of those so I can watch the local programming that is available on HD.

I am wondering - are different brands or types of recievers better than others??


These tuners also have DirecTV and are much more expensive, but this review will give you some idea.

I've seen the Hughes/Philips/Mitsubishi version and didn't like the interface. Panasonics are good if you can find one. A lot of stores use the RCA DTC-100 to run thier displays. Most are starting to replace them. I bought one for $180 at Bransmart last month. It doesn't have component or DVI out though.

Your $170 unit is about 1/2 price.

Hope this helps.
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