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saw this on another site, this is a copy and paste.

Okay here is the physical network setup:

Nfusion ---> Dell 466cx ---> ClarkConnect Router --> Internet


Nfusion correctly connects to the internet and retrieves data files and IKS when only ICS (Internet connection sharing on the WinXP dell) is running on the above setup.

On the dell I ran wireshark (formerly ethereal) to monitor network traffic from the nfusion. It seems that the nfusion communicates with IP on ports 62487, 62489. That server IP address is located in South Korea (Asian Pacific Network Info Centre) and is owned by KORNET, or Korea Telecom. I monitored the traffic for about 24 hours this never changed. The ports were always the same, and more importantly the server IP address remained the same.

I had read in some forums that the nFusion uses a "scattered proxy" I know a little about networking, and how to use google and I still can't find out just exactly what a "scattering proxy" is. I had also read that the Nfusion bounces off of 3 different servers. But over a 24 hour period the server IP never changed.


This is where it gets interesting . . .

There is a way to make your internet traffic anonymous. It is called the TOR network. However, most implementations that I have seen where plugins for web browsers (firefox plugins mainly). Nothing that would mask ALL traffic. Until I saw this, JanusVM. JanusVM runs a virtual PC under windows, that runs a linux machine with TOR and privoxy preconfigured to reroute all traffic on that machine through the TOR network.

Using ICS and JanusVM on the same Dell machine, I was able to web surf anonymously (tested out at TORs website), and bittorrent worked (although very slow).

On the same Dell machine running ICS that the nfusion box worked perfectly before, if I turned on the JanusVM and rerouted traffic to the TOR network, the nfusion box would not work, no updates, no IKS, no nothing. Turn JanusVM off and then it works like a champ. I disabled windows firewall on the host machine, made sure the 62487, 62489 ports where open in Clarkconnect. Even went as far as to open the entire range 62000-63000.


So to recap, all things the same, routing nfusion traffic through my router and to the internet was no problem, but as soon as I masked my source IP using TOR and privoxy (which works for web surfing and bittorents) the nfusion box refused to work.


I just want to point out that KORNET is in SOUTH KOREA (friendly to the USA) and that they are a commercial satellite TV provider for South Korea, having recently launched their own satellite. If the nfusion server is located on THEIR network, how sympathetic to Dish network (a fellow satellite provider) would they be when asked to turn over that nfusion server. Or worse, just monitor incoming connections to that IP so that they can record IP addresses without even getting the nfusion server. The legal precedence to sue customers and end users was set with all this RIAA suing MP3 downloader's using their unique IP address as provided by their internet provider.

So there you have it, I think the nfusion works TOO GOOD, and in fact offers an opportunity for DISH to copy the RIAA and start suing end users.
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excellent read and interesting info. I have tried several ip cloaking software with the same results. As good as IKS sounds now, I'll wait for BIN fixes. Common'...want paitence? I own a Extreamview Magnum, Ariza Xtreme and oh yeah....still waiting for a fix for my DTV box!

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very interesting read indeed

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Excellent information.

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Interesting post...thanks. Has anyone monitored network traffic from Tessat & Neosat receivers? Do these receivers also use sympathetic servers that may or may not be offshore?
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