Does IKS needs broadband connection?


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does dial up connection also works or only dsl and broadband works?

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dialup works
but if u get does your tv
channel change is much slower on dialup
still need to connect with adapter to rj45

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How to Connect Nfusion to Dial - Up
You don't need to be a whiz at computers, just follow the direction

When you have the XP dialup server configured, you can connect the computer and the nFusion together either with a hub or switch, or even just a Network crossover cable (a network cable with the send receive pairs reversed, not straight thru, available at Radio Shack) either way with the dialup connection connected to the internet, simply plug the network cable into the nFusion and it should get an IP address from the DHCP in the computer. Give it a minute or so, then check the "Network" settings on the nFusion and see if it now has a TCP/IP address assigned, it will probably be something like 192.168.0.x . and you should be able to get IKS over the internet, and also get bin updates, but as they are in the vicinity of 800k it will take a while, depending of course on how fast your dialup actually is. I must be honest, I have not tried this with my nFusion as I have a 6MB cable broadband, but I do have a lawyer client that has two computers connected thru an ICS connection hosted by a third computer with a dialup and it has been running trouble free for over 2-1/2 years, slow, but it works for MS Updates, email, Antivirus updates etc.
Good luck!
Above is the first message I recieved from madscientist.

This is what I used to get Nfusion connected to the Internet
DYNEX PCI Adapter 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Model DX-E101
DYNEX 4 Port 10 Mbps HUB
CAT 6 Premium NetWork Cable
When you have followed all the directions on the link above connect your hub to your computer, do not use the port that says uplink use port 1, 2, 3,or 4. Myself I used 1 and 3.

Connect the other cable to the Nfusion. Now connect to the internet.
When you have a connection turn stb on from the back .You should at this time have a TCP/IP. Go to menu Network information and see if your information is there. If not go back to the link and start again.

If you do have your information there, go to Control panel ,click on internet connection and you will see your dial up connection and your lan connection. Click on your lan connection. What I did here was close every thing, I only left the lan page up don't shut off the internet.
I found by doing this I was able to down load the files with out it shutting down part way through. I only have a 28.8kbps connection, so the least programs running the better. As far as the red light goes, it does it own thing sometimes on sometimes off. I checked my IKS by ooooo out the keys. You will then see the red light start blinking.
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