All sites busy


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so most of the trusted sites are busy as hell and i can't get into them, i'm wondering if its just my shitty computer/internet or has all our wishes come true and a fix is out?

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I doubt it.

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No new bin's for viewsat's....

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Now you are at the best FTA site, its name is Ecoustic satellite TV forum ,here you have a possibility to joint anytime without the trafic ,when a new bin release people will inform us just a few minutes later .
I like this forum

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No I think if all the sites are busy, one has to assume they are handing out new bins on a first come first serve basis.

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its just because people like you and me are looking for BIN everywhere

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Well it's that time of year when the providers like to play. This round has brought on new mapcalls 4e and 4d along with the use of dynamic code to retrieve the control words which allow us video. The catch this time is a new Timer function. This is surly a test to see how much the FTA coders know. It will test to see if they know how long a mapcall takes to process. This Hit was definitely geared towards FTA. Be patient and let the coders do their work. The days when it was as simple as manually entering keys is almost behind us as this new dynamic code looks to be here for good with new bins required each time. It's in the hands of the coders now and the next few days will be very interesting to see which coders will come through.

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Latest Message from SONICVIEW Camp Dec 20 10:00 AM


"Short term patch will be released Dec 21 at 10:00 AM, but still working on
Stay tune for further update.

This is good to know we will see but don't go crazy about the word soon don't know how long or short soon is just something I thought I would pass along
"Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures"

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viewsat/pansat !!!

*** Charlie & Beverly ECM freeze * FIXED *

- Do a hard reboot (power OFF-ON using rear switch) after every update.

===============Thank you !! Oleg PHD.
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