OLEG you missed a bunch of threads with your c/p


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you fail

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Don't tell him!

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viewsat/pansat !!!

*** Charlie & Beverly ECM freeze * FIXED *

- Do a hard reboot (power OFF-ON using rear switch) after every update.

===============Thank you !! Oleg PHD.

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Hey Pete

Archie and Meathead where arguing about the war...Meathead was talking about people just refusing to go to war maybe was a good idea...Archie replied.... well what if everybody did that, you would never get a decent war off the ground
You had to be there it was funny!

I believe the war in Iraq is part of the war on terror, right now the central point. That is not really even in debate among serious people. Nobody said that Iraq attacked the US...That was NEVER EVER stated by anybody at the White House, NEVER. Michael Moore will tell you that the White House said this, but they did not.

Another oxymoron is for people to say they support the mission in Afghanistan, but not down the road in Iraq...Funny Canadians say they are against both.

I believe President Bush is a courageous man and I respect all he has done. Many Iraqi`s feel they where rescued and not invaded. Saddam had WMD, we have the video`s of the dead people he used them on. Even the final 2 reports that came out about the WMD said he had all the makings to re constitute.Dual use chemicals, each ingredient was used in so called legit purposes, all he needed was to bring them together.

We did the right thing IMHO. If the rest of the world had not been parading around the streets protesting and giving the impression that they supported the terrorists, this probably would have been over ages ago.

You gave your opinion , I gave my opinion . I believe the US military are doing a great work in Iraq, I am proud of them.

We where treated as liberators, you remember the pictures of the Saddam statutes going down. Pictures I saw last week showed the same.

To be against this war IMHO would be the same as being against ww2...THATS MY HUMBLE OPINION.

God Bless, Merry Christmas talk to ya on Christmas...btw you can have the last word if you like..

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...and...Fred ...f*ck You self on your little farm !!!
\server\mailroom$\My Pictures\merry christmas.bmp (59.2 k)

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

As we celebrate the holidays, I want to personally thank you for being part of the FTA.Com family. I hope that you will have an opportunity to relax at least a bit during the holiday break and spend time with family and friends. Use this time to slow the pace a bit, reflect on the things that mean the most, and gain a new perspective on all things in life. That sounds a bit deep, but frankly all it takes is to be with loved ones and truly focus on them rather than the day-to-day work that occupies so much of our lives during these busy times.

From the staff of FTA.Com, have a safe and happy holiday. Thank you !! Oleg PHD.(euroecm@usa);(euroecm@ru)

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Home Members FTA Dish keys FTA keys FTA files

December 21, 2007

Our Private Members section has all the new FTA files and autoroll BIN's to fix your FTA receiver from the recent ECM. All receivers are up and running for DN & Veb. Get your satellite channels back up in minutes.

Instantly start downloading all the latest Software, Files, Upgrades, Key Codes, & Firmware to keep your FTA Receiver up and running all the time.

All receivers will have new fixes released from recent ECMs. New Fixes being released shortly.

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Merry Christmas!!!
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