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Hi and goodnight to all my questan is what is Emunation and how dose it work

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join here:


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Emunation Setup


A few days ago I remembered I had a skystar2 card sitting in the bottom of my spare computer parts box and came on here to try find out if I could still use it. After 2 long years it seems like they do! But all them smrtypants that post new plugins (btw, thank you VERY much for them!!!) don't tell us not as smrt people how to use them, like in a "Setup Guide".

Thats ok, I like a challenge. So I got mytheatre, managed to bring it up using vplug..but that plugin' kept crashing, piece of jank! I decided to try Emunation (which is apparently all the rave right now, especially for B*V (just for that dinkface nitrodog)!!!, if you can make it work, mind you).

Assuming you've already installed mytheatre and know how to use it, you:
1) GO HERE to get the Plugin.rar file http://www.dss-newbies.net/forums/sh...672#post343672 (wicked deadly package thanks to scanman1!!!)
2) Place that unpacked Plugins folder overtop the Plugins folder in the mytheatre directory.
3) Install the "vcredist_x86.exe" in the Plugins folder (this is probably why it didn't work for you, or me...or tons of other people!!!)
4) Now move the "pthreadVC2.dll" (part of the Plugins folder) in your mytheatre ROOT folder
5) Copy the "Softcam Update From Dss-Newbies.net.vbs" file (also in the Plugins folder) to the desktop for instant key updated start mytheatre.
6) So double click that "Softcam Update From Dss-Newbies.net.vbs" file on your desktop...it'll start mytheatre by itself
7) Hrm, big black screen. Right click it and goto Settings then click LNB/DiSECQC Settings and Scan.
8) I wanna watch B*V (again for nitrodog) so select Nimiq1 satellite, click DiSEqC, click off First DiSEqC switch, then choose (Committed, LNB1), then click DO NOW and OK
9) Then Set LOF1 to 11250000, SW to 11700000 and LOF2 to 11250000 BE SURE TO CLICK APPLY just below these settings.
10) On the bottom right hand side of the same screen click the Sel ALL (in light blue), then click SCAN!!
11) Now the channels will show up in the list...you might have to restart mytheatre, or reboot computer...i'm not sure b/c i'm sure i've done both a thosand times or so!!!
12) Now all you have to do is update the new Emunation plugins. Replace files as needed.

Seems to be working well for me, now I can test por*n on one screen and make the EPG work on the other Perhaps I'll be able to make some heads and tails of that in the next 3-4 days haha, maybe longer!!!
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