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I have DN with satellites 120, 119, 110 and 61.5 but not able to see most of indian channels. Please some one can tell me which satellite to scan on Pansat 2700 A.

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Its wednesday again. this always happens on wednesday. We will have to wait for new bins

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The DN ECM s related to them changing the Key 00 of New ID 0106.
Nothing to do but wait for a new BIN

DN New PID - 0106 {Last update: Wed. Dec 5, 3:54 PM EST}

Key 00 (86):
17 45 01 17 C7 38 0E 50 48 B1 1F 55 B5 B0 FD EF

Key 01 (96):
A3 63 5E 48 5B 98 D9 3C 8B AB D5 E7 51 5D 7D 84

If you have New PID 0106 and want to try enter the new keys, you are welcome. I don't think it will work, but can't hurt to try.

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Well I did blind scan and I also did not get any Indian channels y'day when there was no ECM change. Also I'm only getting 3 PPV's. I'm thinking to follow Nalin's Advise and do scan one at a time and see.
But last time I scanned and everything was able to come up. After this last Wednesday I can not get Indian and PPV's.
What the Heck

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Even before ECM, I was not able to get indian channels on any satellite, I scanned all one by one.

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Look at all the Indian Channels you could get if you had a true FTA set up.

http://www.l* ( remove * )


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no s.asian channel there..

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If you are just wanting to see the ethnic channels you should get a 31" dish and motor with LNB that can receive all the ones "in the clear" with True FTA. While DN does have a few ethnic channels that a modified FTA can receive SOME of the time their are 100's of them on TRUE FTA that work all the time 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No Bin Files needed to modify your FTA receiver to get them.

Upload* ((copy and paste into your browser and remove * )

The best set up for FTA is a 31" dish, Motor, and proper lnb for DBS ( dn-bev ) and true FTA ( QTH-031 the best LNB ).....and your receiver

Their are 31 sat's out their with programing on them with over 2500 channels you can get with a clear sky and that set up......

Cost is around $150 and set up is very easy most times easer than all the switching required with using 2 dishes to just get a few DN or BEV sat's that MAY or MAY NOT have channels working at the time.

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