Should I get 118 or 148


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Since I have to make this change, is it better to go for 118, or better to point my dish to 148?
What size of dish do I need to get channels from 148? Linear or circular LNB? Is it the same LNB for 119 or 110?

Many thanks

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Advise is still highly appreciated.

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148 lots of channel ................................................

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If you have 30-33" dish get the 119/118.7 Universal LNB

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If you are just wanting to see the ethnic channels you should get a 31" dish and motor with LNB that can receive all the ones "in the clear" with True FTA. While DN does have a few ethnic channels that a modified FTA can receive SOME of the time their are 100's of them on TRUE FTA that work all the time 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No Bin Files needed to modify your FTA receiver to get them.

Upload* ((copy and paste into your browser and remove * )

The best set up for FTA is a 31" dish, Motor, and proper lnb for DBS ( dn-bev ) and true FTA ( QTH-031 the best LNB ).....and your receiver

Their are 31 sat's out their with programing on them with over 2500 channels you can get with a clear sky and that set up......

Cost is around $150 and set up is very easy most times easer than all the switching required with using 2 dishes to just get a few DN or BEV sat's that MAY or MaY NOT have channels working at the time.

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