New bins acomin


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just heard the bins are ready. who knows how long they will last but keep yours eyes open cause they acomin

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The routine is known! Files should be forth coming! This is good and NOT good. Once providers see how quickly this was figured out, undoubtedly NEW even harder routines will follow, BUT it also will tell on the fact that their maprom & sysrom are known. It may be time for releases to originate at yahoo or someplace other than homesites for these box makers. The heat is def on, and coders have stepped up, but now one has to question the wisdom of releases. Hang tight, it's gonna get interesting for sure.
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Tiger Woods - do you know you are coming or going?
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Posted on Friday, November 30, 2007 - 04:21 pm:

"Just wanted to sign off and say what a bunch of hypocrites most of you are. Coming down on me for being silly a few times. First off my joke after the airplane crash was funny....I said I hope there was no coders on board, it was a funny joke!!

I first said God Bless them all, none of us knew anybody on the plane. It was a terrible tragedy.

What was it even doing on this forum for starters, thats what Nalin would have said if I had put the story there.

Yes I am Deb Odair as well as dirty democrat. I have been here atleast 4 years, probably more???

I mostly posted only on sat matters but occasionally got silly. This Deborah Odair could have been a real person. You had no idea it was me and she really did nothing wrong.

I wonder how many really nice people have come by only to be treated badly...the Bible says we might one day be talking to a real angel and not be aware of it.....

Bearing false witness is pretty serious stuff... It is still true that I never swore or used bad language here ever??

I never did!!!

I call you losers now(the ones that attacked me that is)


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Yo its alright nalin , leave it yo!!
ok tell me wat u sayin bout new bins!! Do u think they will release them by evening or just rumours makin their rounds!!

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Dynamic Code:
I am writing this is in a programming slang (not a language) so people can understand.

A$ = Input anything from screen
B$ = Input anything from screen

Evaluate and Execute (command) A$ '+' B$

This little pseudo program takes in input twice from user and then requires the compiler to evaluate an expression such that finally an addition will take place. When a compiler encounters this type of instructions, it has to work hard to get everything working, BUT IT MANAGES TO DO IT, ALTHOUGH WITH GREAT DIFFICULTY.

It is easier for it to do:
A = 17
B = 4

DN is sending out instructions to execute a subroutine against the keys, but the 'Coders' do not know which subroutine. They have to now produce software that will interprete the commands on the fly. It is doable but a bit more difficult.

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remember guys... we read this same crap last year every day for months... i dont think it will be NEAR that long, but u cant rely on ANY predictions u read here.
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