Converted FLU to 2700 successfully...but problems with remote!


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Hey all,

I have successfully converted my FLU to 2700 but my Fortec remote has serious issues, some buttons work from different ones but some don't work at all like exit and ok. I luckily had a universal remote which worked for exit/ok and important buttons. No program guide button though, or page up/page down etc... ;/

What would be my solution, to locate and buy a 2700 remote? Or would a better universal remote be more handy (any recommendations)? Thanks

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use the converted bins, not the bl bins for your 2500

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I used the jvvh bins, then the final one was CS_224T_100_serial i think - is that not the correct one for a converted box ??

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If it helps, this is what my system info shows:

API: 75-2.24_EUbX
Boot ver: 75

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Your system Info indicates a jvvh_leafs_224 bin. Try loading the CS_224T_lightening_serial bin and check if the remote behaves any better.

Backup your channel list first to avoid all those rescanning headaches.

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Thanks Abby,

I was pretty sure I had loaded the CS_224T bin but perhaps I did something wrong and it didn't take. Guess I'll have to take my box back to the office tomorrow and try again - it sucks my home PC, which is quite new, doesn't have a serial port (I even bought a serial port but the motherboard has nowhere to plug it in ;/)

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Keith Bussey : My CS_224T_Lightning_110t_serial, shows the following system info.

Boot ver : 75
24 Nov,2007

What is more concerning is thta if you did not have jvvh_leafs_224 BIN, you might have put in a wring BIN meant for Pansat 2700 or Pansat 2700 clones.

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Hi Nalin,

Well what I had done was first use the 05 BIN, then the jvvh_08 BIN, then the jvvh_leafs_224 (well I used the red wings one instead of the leafs one), then I thought I put the CS_224T one last.

I guess I did something wrong with the last one and it didn't write ?

Either way I guess with the latest ECW I should wait a few days (hopefully) for a newer CS bin file? Or should I put the 224T and would I get locals, etc...

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