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hi there i just load dsstester-CS_224T_Lightning_100t_Series_serial on my 2700a and then i noctied that there is only 3 tp which are 110 ,119 and 91 ,how do i get 61.5 on my ,thank's

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i believe its anik f3/ku

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use 110 and do power scan !!

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upadted bin is out ... freezing bug fixed

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carlos poeple just guess . but they try :-)

u mean 3 sat and not 3 tp.

what you have to do is do a factory setting .
it will bring back all the sat's

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carlos , just for you to understand why u saw only 3 sat . cuz they are the most popular of use . so the guy who does the bin injected only these sats using channel editor. to make it simple instead of scanninggggggg. tha;s all

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carlos :
Install CS_224T_lightning or jvvh_leafs_224 using BL updater 1.4

E. Installation of channels:
With receiver switch in off position, connect the Sat antenna, and the cables to TV.
Turn on TV
Turn on receiver.
You will see b75 go across and freeze on '5'.
After a little while the TV will come on asking you to confirm Language
Press OK.
First do Menu/System Reset.
It will ask for PIN '" use 1668 if you have forgotten your PIN, usually a 0000.

Next do default settings
You will see all the sats.</b>

Next do User setup. Set time to manual and enter the correct time, date, and time zone.
Make sure summer time is off.

Next do Menu/Dish Setup/Antenna setup
Select your known dishes and use the known DisEqC port connections.
You can connect to ports without knowing which is which using trial and error and the signal strength.

Now do Blind scan (power scan) for each of the selected sats.
You must see Vertical TPs.

F. Watching TV:
By the time you finish the blind scan, the new keys will have loaded and you are ready to watch TV.
You MUST switch off at the back once and switch on.
You can set up the channels alphabetically or in other ways using Channel Edit and Sort.
You can and should set up P-lock on some P0RNO channels.
You can rename the 5 Favorites using right arrow key.
If a channel does not appear, you can do a separate TP scan.
Also look for it in the list, e.g. channels 614 '" SET may appear in the list as TV 614, and you can rename.

If resets occur, try turning autoroll off and auto TP off.

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carlos i did not pay attention . u haved a converted 2500 to 2700. i tought u had 2700 original . but anyway always factory default to bring back all the sats / the rest fallow what nalyn just gave you .

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thank's guy's a lot for your help
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