What up Wid Dat?? Got same issue? yes or no?


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hey guyz as u all know i have sonicview 4000 i keep askin this question but no one seems to give the right answer...after every 10 minutes my sonicview 4000 freezes and it says PLEASE WAIT FOR CHANNEL UPDATE...and after like 10 SECONDS the keys roll in...does anyone have the same issue?...how do i fix this...i loaded the bin from FTATALK.....plz helpp...

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see what i mean its been 2 hours no one replyed...god..

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ok here vgo!! I am havin sasme problem!! Mine |SV freezes for 20 sec!! Then comes back n , it happens once an hour on avg.

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Well if you put out then you wouldn't be sweating tv so much and maybe someone would help you

only kidding..

have you tried such things as turning of AU and stuff this off u know the last ecm wasn't just a matter of a key change DN is not even close to done they trying some new dynamic routines and the fun has just started and the coders not really sure where this is going.

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yeah i treid turing off autoroll it does not workkkkkkkkkkk

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Sonicview 4000 is giving freeze ups using the 175P BIN from ftatalk and f2atv sites, and the latest repeat of the 173P BIN from Totalfta site.
Keeping autoroll off does not seem to help.
The freeze ups are self correcting.
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