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ok, i want to know how can we upload a background picture to a converted flu. if someone has used the fortec loader, you would have seen a option for uploading a picture, but im not sure how it works, do we do it while downloading a bin or can we just do it without uploading a new bin file? i just wanna know if someone has successfully put a pic in their receiver that can be seen from the main menu, if you did let me know thanks,

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[link removed]

Background change:
This is located in the LH5 compress block so you will have to de-compress the block using 7-Zip program. After replacing the mpg chunk with your own you must re-compress and re-calculate the main checksum located at 0006ffd0 (using hexworkshop).

It is really easy to extract the code from lh5--take the file to hexeditor (Hex Workshop) and mark the first byte, then look for the start of all FF's, there should be a 0x00 byte right before the start of FFs (look around 68b00 bytes into the 0x70000 sized file--you should find the FFs soon after) that 0x00 byte is the end of the lh5 section (they use it to indicate there are no other file headers). So, mark that 0x00 as the end of your edit and save the edit to a file. 7Zip will see that it is lh5 compressed file and if you hit extract, you will get a file called "[Contents]".

I will give you the 220 start addr 0x000ae6bc (search for 000001b3) and end addr 0x000b0d52 (search for 0000 01b7). So if you have a background picture that is .m1v format and is < 0x2698 (in 220) bytes you can paste it over the X-87BL graphic. You can use a smaller one and fill the rest with FF up to that size. You need to have FFFF 0000 0000 0700 0800 when done.

It is important that the jpg image that you use to change into an Mpg (.m1v) in the TMPGEnc program needs to be 448x336 pixels so it will display correctly. You can use a larger image but requires more manipulation to stuff it in. Here are the programs to manipulate graphic files:

TMPGEnc to change an jpg file in to MPg (.m1v)
MS Paint, Adobe photoshop or Corel Draw to modify the jpg (needs to be 448x336 pixels).

(lh5 compression without file header)
cmd line compression and decompression.
jvvh has a modified version of ar (lh5.exe) so you don't need the whole package but maybe you might like to try some of the other features.

Automatic lh5 recognition and decompression of files. Could use ar but this one is pretty simple and XP compatible.

Get the code ready for compression:
Open Hex Workshop and the converted file with all of the modifications you wish to include. With the curser on the start go to the bottom to where the long 16 bit strings of FFFF's begin record that address and use the block select to include up to the recorded address. I include 20 sets of FF's, for the 219/220 bin 0x000b6a5c/0x000b6a13.

Run the LH5 compression tool that does not use a file name in the header.
The header name field which would normally have "code_219.bin" in it will instead be empty and name field lentgh byte in header will be zero--that is the form that is needed for the lh5 extraction code that is used.

If I have code ready for compression--say I've called it "code_220.bin"---I have a cmd window up and in the folder with code_220.bin in it---then type "lh5 a code_220.stb code_220.bin" and the bin file will be compressed into lh5 form in the .stb file, but the header name field which would normally have "code_220.bin" in it will instead be empty and name field lentgh byte in header will be zero--that is the form that is needed for the lh5 extraction code that is used.


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http://forums.dsstester com/vbb/showthread.php?t=77173

This info will help you on how to change the background picture on a pansat bin file . You must follow the exact instrucctions otherwise your bin will be useless.

Most on the info was found in another site, i have done like 4 or 5 backgrounds and the results are amazing. You can put whatever you want as a background as long as your image complies with the size and format. I don't know if it works in another receivers , so far i have only tested in pansat 2500, 2700 and 3500 . With the software JuegaBin (Binplay) you can modify/customize a pansat Bin Change keys, change the background, strings, etc.

Please note that the tool was build on the .NET platform and you'll need to run it on Windows XP or to get the .NET framework runtime.

Special thanks to Pikudo from the cc site , since i am not the author of this. is not a c&p however. Here I go: Things you will need :

1- Grab a copy of TMPGEnc.

2- Get a copy of Juegabin installer.

3- A bin to be modified. (save a copy just in case )

4- Your favorite picture to be converted .Again, save a copy.

Step 1: Open your picture in paint or photoshop etc. and make exactly to this size : for the pansat 2700 the size will be 448 X 336 pixels. For the pansat 3500 the size will be 720 X 468 pixels. Once done save your picture
in .bmp format.

Step 2 : Open TMPGEnc , igonre and cancel the first "Project Wizzard" window to modify video settings , go to video source, browse for the image that you just converted to .bmp format, make sure the "Output File Name " ends with the .m1v extension. For explanation purposes let's name our ouput file "mytest.m1v" Here are some basic settings from the program : 1:1 VGA - 4fps internally 24fps - Constant Quality - Highest Quality . You can play with these settings as much as you like until you get a good quality picture as long as you stay on or below the 9882 bytes size limit. Get as close as you need to the limit but don't go over.

Step 3 : Press the "start" button , if you like the results save it, if not choose another .bmp graphic and play with the settings again until you're happy with the results.

Step 4: Doownload a copy of "Juegabininstaller.exe" and install it of course.

Step 5: Open "Juegabin.exe" and press on the "Bin file 1" button , select your unzipped or unrar bin from here. You might see a window like " BIN file appears to be encrypted , Do you want to decrypt it first ? " the answer of course will be "yes" Once done the now-decrypted bin must be saved under another name , lets say : "mybin.bin"

Step 6: At this point you shuld be able to see the original graphic from the bin and its properties in size, we now press the "Create a new Bin " button (don't panic here) We now have another window with options to manually enter the keys or press the "Get Keys" button ( Yes , it has his own keygrabber included ! ) it may take a couple of seconds to grab'em but works.

Step 7: Now the fun part : Press the "Pick Image" button and look for the "mytest.m1v' the software will tell you if you have the right size for the background image ,if everithing is OK go ahead and press "Save As" button.
Of course we want to save it as a .bin file. If the sofware tells you that you have the incorrect image size , go ahead and modify your .m1v so it can comply with the size. Play again with the settings in TMPGEnc.

Step 8: Congratulations ! you're done ! All you need is to load the bin file to your receiver !!!!!

Note : You can try on any other model, format,size etc. but use at your own risk . I personally have tried on what i wrote with very satisfactory results.

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Used TMPGEnc( ) and Juegabininstaller from dsstester to change the background image on a 3500. image size 720 x 480

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