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Posted on Sunday, November 18, 2007 - 07:53 am:

Nalin Nyda
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Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2007 - 01:09 pm:

Teh most important words are "and 2 boxes"

Difficult if not impossible to use two boxes simultaneously for different channels with one motor!!!

Nalin you are wrong. In the first place it is
not difficult or impossible to connect two or 4 boxes on a motorized system if you know how.

1. Using Invacom QPH-031
Invacom Circular/Linear Ku 0.3 dB Quad LNBF QPH-031

4-Outputs. Use it to connect multiple receivers to one dish. This LNBF is a combination of two dual output Circular and Linear LNBFs in one single unit. This 2nd Generation version offers Linear (FSS) 11.7 -- 12.7GHz & Circular (BSS) 12.2-12.7. You can use it for Ku band FTA, or DSS satellite systems.

2. Using a 2x4 Multi-switch

Use this multi-switch for a DIRECTV or FTA dish w/DUAL LNB

Powered by satellite receiver, does NOT use external power supply.

Up to FOUR satellite receivers can independently select different satellite channels.

Up to FOUR (4) receiver connections from ONE (1) Standard DIRECTV or FTA dish (DUAL LNB required).


So like I have said don't butt in threads that you know nothing about, stick to your C/P the newbies don't know the differance.

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Yukon, I do not even recommend using more than two receivers on one rotor...

Why? People like to change channels; the SID on Dish is designed to be used AT BEST with a multiple lnbf dish or more dishes... That is way it was intended to be...

Yes, you can connect 4 receivers and watch TV using one rotor; however, the four receivers must be watching the same satellite or a nearby one that is within the envelope of reception...

If someone wants to see a different channel located on a different satllite that is not within the envelope, the rotor will move to the other satellite leaving the other 3 receivers with no signal...

I CAN confirm all of this because I own a 1.2 meter (48") dish with a powerful Humax/Maximum 0.2db Gold Class V-8 Octo LNBF and a Moteck DisEqc H-H Satellite Rotor...

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Needless to say with a rotor or no rotor
you would only receive the channels that
are on that bird you dish is pointed to.

I do have this system working on four receivers
on 32 satellites,over 2,000 TV channels and
and over 600 Radio Stations.And Sir when I move the dish the others do not lose signal.
The only way you can lose the signal is not
knowing what equipment to use and how to wire it.
If you have more then one receiver select one to move the dish and on the others at Positioner
Setting leave on Disable.

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I think the only three people around here that are arguing about rotor's are: Tomhiro, Yukon, and THE FTA TESTER...

I am glad you can receive 32 satellites, over 2,000 TV channels, and 600 radio stations without losing any signal what so ever, even when changing satellites... can you confirm seeing Hispasat 30W and Satmex 5 at the same time...

In my case, I can only see 1 to 2 satellites for given period of time after selecting the satellite. And it is because they are very close... (like 119/118)

One of the reasons why I left this dish alone is because others in my home cannot watch dish or BEV and me watching Satmex 5 because the rotor dish was poiting to satmex5...

So, i can only get one satellite at a time and now the others are happy watching TV, scrolling the channels freely and not asking me to move the rotor dish...

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And... That is why I have 2 fixed Dish and a rotor dish... It is a great addition to anyone wanting to get most of American FTA... I do recommend it as a gift for Christmas...

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Hey man no I can't see 30W and Satmex at the same time. I never said that I could.But I will tell you this, I can scan in Hispasat 1C 1D in the same time or
Rainbow 1 and EchoStar 3 the same time.

BTW are you from Taiwan or Japan?
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