CW 600S can work for 118W + 119W?


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I can't see 118W in the receiver. Can I change the 121W to 118W/119W with out moving the 33"Dish? I will buy the new LNB and install it. How much is the new LNB? Where can I buy in Toronto? How much is the installation.
One price for all?

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The LNB needed is here ...°-circular-10750-dual-lnb_P272

118° (Circular 10750) dual LNB

This is the LNB for the new 118°W (Anik F3 / 118.7° / 118.8°) satellite. With this special LNB, you can get BOTH 118 and 119 at the same time!

Works with both Free-to-Air and Original DN Receivers!

Requires: 30-inch or larger dish
Compatible with DirecTV, Free-to-Air (DiSEqC, 22KHz), and legacy switches (SW21, SW44, etc)
Not compatible with DishPro switches and/or DishPro (stacked) LNB's

Polarization: Circular
Input Frequency: 11.70 - 12.75 GHz
LO Frequency: 10.750 GHz
Noise: 0.5 dB

Dual-output (ready for 1 or 2 receivers)

Using a 30-inch or larger dish, aim with the following settings:

Satellite Name: 118°W (Anik F3) or 119°W (Echo7)
LNB Type: Standard (or Single)
LO Frequency: 10750 or 10600 MHz
Finally, do an AUTO SCAN or a BLIND SCAN

For some the following settings may work better or give you more channels:

LNB Type: Universal
LO Frequency: 9750 MHz
HI Frequency: 11750 MHz

If there are any missing channels, MANUALLY scan them in. You can refer to the channel list at Lyngsat.c*om

You may also load this satellite using SharpC's Channel Master program.

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Seeing LK the little man he is. He has failed to acknowledge Reno was the original author of the information that he keeps posting on (Anik F3 / 118.7° / 118.8°)

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wrong...thats my original post...grown up!

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You stole the info from Reno. and are now claiming it as your own. You was telling people to use a normal single LNB. Up until reno schooled your copy and paste parrot azz

I will Find your post from before and once again prove you wrong.

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go ahead Doreen...U're wrong again..

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Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2007 - 10:54 am:

Hey, goose
Look here friend, there is NO AMC-16
Bird located @ 118.75W
AMC-16 has moved back to 85.oW,
here check it out

FTA Receivers are not only made
for the good old USA,so just because
a bird is listed in your receiver
doesn't mean you can scan it in.

Anik F3 is now located @ 118.75
If you want this Bird just follow
my instructions as I have listed above.

You will also need this NEW Circular
LNB if you want to Scan Anik F3
see the first Thread above.

Just like I said Looser up until U went to school U was clueless and posting in ignorance like you always do with the parrot skills of yours

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LMAO Good job

Lying and stealing are what what warthog does best.

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TOM TOM TOM caught again
When are you going to learn not to steal from
other members? Why not a long vacation before you have a stroke.This forum will just be fine
now that Nalin Nyda is the main man here.
Good Luck to you

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TOM TOM TOM caught again
When are you going to learn not to steal from


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hey Doreen...119 and 118.75 are NOT the same stupid!...119 does use a circular LNB, either DP or Legacy...this thread is about the 118 and requires a special LNB with circular polarity and lower frequency....don't mix apples and oranges...and U're editing sucks Doreen...U really need to grow up and quit stalking me....U're boring me....leave it alone , accept the fact I dumped U along time ago..Nobody here appreciates your trashy trailer park postings...U and Brittany Spears must come from the same park!

This is FTA, not Doreen's soap opera "All My Rejections" ...get a life and get a job..and a car and a drivers license too....get off the computer and spending all your time digging for crap to throw on me, cause its bullshiit , like U...actually its almost comical, that u are so stupid and have nothing better to do than stalk me , and expose yourself as the idiot U really are...

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GOD... LK... You are so wrong again.. That post you made about me isn't even worth my time to agrue with you over it. Do your homework and learn to read insted of copying and pasting other people posts. BTW I know you steal files on dsscommunity and delete the real users posts then post the same stuff up there as your own. I guess being an admin pays off eh? You did it to me many times. So go try to convince others that you are all good and god like but I really do know better. Thats one reason why I stoped posting stuff in there as "DJ" the other is you fu_cked up my account. I could post more as FTA-Angel but why? You'll just steal that too and delete my posts again. Why you feel the need to be #1 here and other forums is beyond me. Plus to go to such extreme messures to get attenetion. I dunno about you anymore you are scaring me!
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