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Guys i heard this. I dont think it wud b true but wat do u have to say bout this!! How true is this or is it just a rumour!!

So do u think DN will eventually discontinue ECHO 3 (61.5 W)

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thats waht i wanna know

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there r people paying to watch echo 3,so there is no chance of dn pulling the plug

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Exactly !! My reasoning is if they take 61.5 w off air then theyhave to get dishes for all legal customers move too in US free of charge but it wilol cost company a lot!~~ So whywud they make that move!!

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Or... They are willing to do it in order to compete with Direct T*V in the war of HD channels. Dish Net*work is not poor, you know...

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what a stupid thread...BS rumors!

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sounds like a tapeman prophecy

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hey LK dont know where to find software for my spacestar reciever. do you know of any good sights with info? thanks.

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Yo i never said it was a F*ukin meaning ful thread. I said it was a rumour and just wanted opinion!! Why the fu*k is this thread being called stupid!! I said it was rumour!!

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its not the thread thats stupid , its the OP

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Andromeda M31

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Tapeman says many things...

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61.5 will not be discontinued
However many Latino channels were moved to 77
I would only guess giving capacity to HD on 61.5 and broadcast more international channels on 61.5

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It cannot move because many subsribers have blocked view toward the west and they will not continue their subsription if it happened.

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This is what is on Sat 77
I don't know if the service is availble or not
I don't have neither 61.5 nor 77
But this is what on lyngsat:

These are all Latinos and as of 10/6/07

157 International Music Feed
119 The Biography Channel
163 VH1 Classic US
187 Hallmark Movie Channel
192 Discovery Times Channel
194 Discovery Home Channel
195 Military Channel
196 Current TV US
197 Documentary Channel (USA)
198 Sleuth Channel
220 Shop Latino TV
227 Jewelry TV (22-10)
231 RFD-TV
297 HBO Latino
320 The Movie Channel Xtra West
321 Showtime Showcase East
329 The Movie Channel West
343 Encore Action West
401 The Golf Channel US
407 Gol TV
439 Big Ten Network
487 Shorteez
490 Fresh!
492 Spice:Xcess
494 TENClips
498 Play*boy TV en Español
838 Mun 2
840 TVE Internacional América 1
842 TV Chile
845 Discovery Español
853 Gol TV
857 Canal Sur
865 Cine Latino
868 TeleHit Estados Unidos
868 TeleFormula
872 MTV Tr3s
9396 CoLours TV
9397 BYU TV
9400 ResearchChannel
9404 UWTV

This is a great PTA experiment
Yo might be able to put a Twin LNB and play with the skew and get both Sats (61.5 and 77W) on one 24" dish

I can't imagine they will put two seperate dishes to get both

Yo may also use 2 legacy LNBs spaced by 1" to 2"
The 77W is up for grabs, go get it

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hey dave goodie try this link.good luck

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Would yo mind c/p
I don't know what yo talking about
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