Pansat 2500 clone conversion to 2700


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Hi Guys

I will appreciate your help in conversion of my Eagle Star reciever. Hooked up with ECHO 3 and ECHO 7 on two seprate dishes.
System information.
X-85 BL
API: 2.92aT_EU
Boot ver: 5.1
Present status system is working, with out the language channels,ppv etc. on both dishes.
My question.
1.what is the working Bin and loader.
the link and installation info.

2. what size of dish and type of LNB
I will require to view "Telestar 5
97 deg. My location: Toronto


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Detailed instructions at

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Thanks Nalin

Any suggestions for
part 2 of my question.

and what receiver I should purchase that can lost for its features and memory for couple of years to come to replace ths clone. Price is also one consideration.

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Minimum 30" - preferrably 33" dish.
There are many good receivers. CaptiveWorks 600 Premium at the low end ($100) and Viewsat Ultra or sonicview 4000 at $165-180) are good buys.

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Posted on Monday, November 12, 2007 - 10:28 am:

First I would like to say that NO one here
knows how to make a converting Bin File for a receiver.Few here only tell you what they C/P from other sites.
First they tell you this Bin is safe then NO it's not safe.So far if I counted right there has been three or four decoders six Bins & two C/Ps.

I will keep my Pansat 2500a as it is.I am still using Bin 289T keep Autoupdate and Autoroll OFF.
Missing only few channels like some PPV & P orn.
Your choice stay with this up & down convertion
or go out and buy a new receiver the cost of
$ 100-150 dollars. As of now the signal is still FREE

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you said "one here knows how to make a converting Bin File for a receiver"
For a newbie that is tall statement. One member has made three versions of jvvh conversion bins and has posted that information.
Also know that jvvh conversion has been around for over 6 months and that is a long time in the FTA world.

You said " Few here only tell you what they C/P from other sites. "
I suggest you look my instructions in the first post at
It is ALL from personal experience, and if you do it, you WILL get good TV.

First learn before you preach to others.

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Posted on Monday, November 12, 2007 - 01:10 pm:

Mr. Nalin only the nick is a newbie.
OK show me where this conversion was posted 6 months ago and the person here that has made three conversions. And like I have said I do have good TV because I am not a newbie to buy all this BULLSHIT. Iam only speaking the truth
are you? well time will tell.meantime answer my questions.

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If you are not a newbie, why hide under another name? To try and ruin this thread?

I have replied to you in detail in your own thread including the start of this conversation in February, 2007. There is no need to spam the same question everywhere.
Read my post no: 4802

or read at

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rs232 cable where does this cable go i dun have nothin behind my pc ..can someone help plz?? plz can someone help me i have to take any wire out and out this one?? this is my first time trying the bin

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The PC used to have and many still have a 9 pin Male input for your RS232 cable.
Some more recent computers and most laptops do not have this and you have to use a USB port and a USB to serial converter. If you buy one make sure it comes with its software, and install the vendor's software instead of Microsoft's.
You will then have to buy a cable to take it to the serial post on your receiver.

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Mr. Nalin Sir
Does a person needs to hide or be a newbie to
post here? Yes jwh came up with this bin conversion back in February without being tested by any user until last month.I said converting not versions hell look how many king tapeman has.
Less then a month and look all the Bins that have been out users still having problems.
I do hope that I may be wrong but I don't think so.this is all I will say for now time will tell.

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Jtag version was out in February this year and was accepted by the techies by april.
The serial version would be the only acceptable version and that was out on 12th August, 2007, a full 3 months ago and not "last month" as stated by you.
After that withing about 24-48 hours of publication of the BL BIN and equivalent has been published.
Your lack of information is not a big concern. Your zeal to try and put this effort by jvvh and others down and trying to do it slyly under another name is a concern.

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Hello Nalin/ AV/ LK and others,
You'll guys are great in helping people get their receivers up and running. I hope everyone realise what a great help you all are.

I need help converting my pansat 2500 clone. At the moment I have the following bin loaded X-85Bl API 294at_eu Boot Ver 5.1 12 Aug 2007.
Now I tried Nalin's procedure mentioned above eg
C. Preparation:.
Make a directory or subdirectory called 'jvvh'
Download files into this directory:
BL Updater 1.4, 225,280 bytes,
jvvh_208.1.bin, 458,752 bytes
jvvh_213.bin (optional)
Extract Ukr_221_pwD_GC_Sspr.bin '" 458,752 bytes
'" (from or
'" (from
All these files should be in the jvvh directory,
Straight RS232 DB9 F/F cable.
Connect computer to receiver via serial port using 9 pin F/F DB9 cable above.
Receiver should be switched off.

But when I load the jvvh_208.1.bin I just get the knight rider lights the Green - - - lines. So I loaded the 294 bin again. Can you tell me how to convert 2500 to 2700 or what I should do. Appreciate your quick reply
Thanks once again to all of you guys

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1. Open/Run the Blacklist updater V 1.4..
2. Make sure BIN is Selected not BOOT you are writing a Bin
3. Click select BIN
4. Choose j27_205_1.bin
5. Reboot reciever, on first light/dash, Click write bin. let it write. Timing is Important here! persistent!
When it is done, Be PATIENT!!!! Let it reboot, after 2-3 minutes you will see B-75 Flash on display of reciever. Be patient while this occurs. Do NOT interrupt this..
6. Click select BIN
7. Choose jvvh_208_1.bin
8. Reboot reciever on first light Click write bin. let it write. Again , Timing is Important here, be persistent. Let it reboot after 1 minute you will see B-75 Flash on display of reciever.
9. Now Rewrite your Channel list back, BUT, you must now select the 2700 settings in Channel master. If U prefer, U can do sat scans instead of using channel lists and channel master.
10. Reconnect to Tv, select default key from parental options (key menu)..let it autoroll
11. Now U have ONLY just done the conversion and must now upload latest Jvvh BIN.. U have done the conversion but now U need the and upload latest and most current jvvh bin, and do new channel scan or upload your channel list, and set default key, be patient when keys roll.

the thing you have to do is turn on your receiver from the back and soon as the first b flashes on your receiver when you turn it on from the back press download in flash mode then you will have no problem downloading the file, it should work perfectly then.

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Thanks LK,
Where do I get the j27_205_1.bin file from which site. Appreciate all the trouble you have taken to write out the procedure.

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I knew the bombastic LK will interfere with very little experience and
full of blown up C/P knowledge.

1. jvvh has himself instructed that we start with 208_1 file and not
the 205 bin. I have posted this message before too. LK you should
learn instead of being bombastic.

2. If you want a clean and bug free load, start always with the 208_1.
You will end up with b75 shwing and it does not work, but it cleans up
the memory. You will get more glitch by direct overwrite with latest

3. You must reset after loading the 221 BIN.

4. The current valid versions are
UKR_221 or CS_221Tv2 lightning 110t

5.The UKR version will give you resets and the Chancy version also
will give resets but less.

6. The UKR version can also change your remote to place the 0 key at
LAST (below Vol key) and Page up key at 0 key.

7. You will have to redo your user settings and your antenna settings.

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[link removed]

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LK : I tried to register and go to your recommendation but could not at*m.
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