Daewoo DTQ27U4SC Service codes?


I just purchased one of these sets from Best Buy and I have to say, it has a fantastic picture for the price ($249). After setup I found that the picture is tilted a bit to the left.
I'd like to know if anyone knows the Service Code for Daewoo, perhaps this set in particular. I'd like to be able to fix this without having to deal with a service repair.

Thanks everyone,

It sometimes does this due to the position of the tv try putting it on some other location of the room it might help. I was thinking of buying this set too can you comment on that.

S. Rice
We just purchased this TV and everything seems to be okay after a week. We use a roof top antenna and have a lack of crispness in one channel as well as a line (looks like a waterfall) on the left of two channels. I assume this is related to the antenna and not to the set since the other channels seem to be fine. We chose this set because it was the only flat screen with a picture larger than 24" that would fit in our entertainment center. Most have speakers on each side making them too wide for our space. Hope this is helpful.

We too bought this set ($283)from Best Buy because it fits in our entartaiment center and we too use it with antenna and we too have a line on the left of couple of chanells or not (depending from reception) and we too thought picture is a bit tilted but it actually depends from where you look at if you look from the left the picture tilted in the right and if you look from the right it is opposite and if you look straight forward it is fine
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